Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #05 Anime Review

The Milky Holmes girls have had a few mild cases under their belts since becoming Toy-less and it's really been an odd show overall. The previous episode with a missing girl was decent overall, especially compared to the helter skelter feeling of the first episode, but it's still lacked something to really cement it. What made it better than anything else though was the simply beautiful Nausicaa homage done in the middle of it, complete with music. The show has managed to sneak in some surprisingly good comedy bits here and there to let it stand out. Of course, the other way it stands out is by utilizing a surprising amount of sexuality and fanservice for what many thought was mostly a kids oriented show aimed at adults/teens/NEETs.

With this episode, there's the introduction of a pair of seeming detectives who have cool Toys that allows them to do a lot of standout work, though we see them mostly just looking for the cat, Fish Paste. The Milky Holmes girls have really taken to this pair, Kate and Mary (who just need the last name of Olsen), as they view them as idol detectives that they want to be like some day. Thus they're completely oblivious to the fact of what the pair is really up to. They'll even take candy from a stranger in a sense since they're enjoying the time with them so much. A lot of this is just a little comedy of errors that goes along until they can really try to get a hold of Fish Paste.

With the focus on Fish Paste, who spends part of the episode missing because of the pair chasing him, what helps save it in a way is the comedy that gets brought in. One of the 'bad guys' of the series has a great little night time scene where he's enjoying a glass of wine under the moon while holding a full sized body pillow of himself. Later in the midst of battle, he's giving it a tongue bath, though that may go by too fast for some to see. The Mary/Kate angle is cute, though I wonder if it's lost on the Japanese audiences, and I have to admit that I do like that the cat is named Fish Paste. The action side of the show makes out surprisingly well here when the duo goes up against Arsene's group since there's a nice variety to the characters and it ramps things up. Of course, what continues to be realized is that the less time spent with the Milky Holmes girls, the better and more interesting.

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