Pretty Little Liars TV: Season 1, Episode 14 Review - "Careful What U Wish 4"

As any Pretty Little Liars fan knows, school dances at Rosewood are never as fun and carefree as they sound! While the plot wasn't as "twisty" and Heather expected from the preview, this episode still didn't disappoint in terms of suspense, as the girls are on Ian's tail -- and he'll do just about anything to scare them away from his tracks. The laptop with the evidence-loaded video has gone missing -- is it the work of A, or one of Ian's ploys to keep his name clean? On the other hand, Lucas starts looking more and more suspicious, as A forces Hanna to dance with him in exchange for some of her lost money back. And let's not forget Emily's drunken scene, and Aria's jealous over Mr. Fitz and her old babysitter. See what else went down, and what Heather thought of it, by clicking over to the video below!

Pretty Little Liars TV Review 1.14


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