The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of February 2, 2015

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.


Empire: S1E11


Wednesday at 9:00pm on FOX

Why: Uh, it's Hakeem's first MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT, DUH. As if you need another reason to watch this bonkers megahit! Oh, you do? OK, Cookie's going to get a present... that could be a threat from one of her prison people. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.

Prepare to talk about: How you love this show like you've loved nothing (or no one) before, except for maybe that year you loved Revenge; whether Hakeem's video is awesome or [awkward face]; what kind of veiled threat you'd send from prison to someone who'd betrayed you (assuming that the items you can get your hands on in prison are fairly limited, mail-wise).


The Walking Dead: S3E1

The Walking Dead
(Midseason Premiere)

Sunday at 9:00pm on AMC

Why: It's the zombie-est show on television and it makes you kind of hate life and want to give in to the indifferent embrace of nihilism, but you can't stop watching! Or at least that's what you tell people. I don't know. This show is really pretty bleak. Also, RIP YOU KNOW WHO from the midseason finale.

Prepare to talk about: Rick's beard (sub-topic: how do some people manage to stay clean-shaven in the apocalypse and others turn into... Rick. Is it because his last name is Grimes?); whether you miss Beth (aw, Beth); what they all have left to live for.



Better Call Saul: S1E1

Better Call Saul (Series Premiere)

Sunday at 10:00pm on AMC

Why: You loved Breaking Bad (we know, because you wouldn't shut up about it), and you loved Bob Odenkirk ON Breaking Bad. Hey! Now he has his own show about who Saul Goodman was before he was Saul Goodman (spoiler: he was Jimmy McGill, but he changed his name because Jimmy doesn't rhyme with anything useful, unlike Saul, which rhymes with "call," or at least, that's what I've decided to believe).

Prepare to talk about: In the world of spinoffs, is Better Call Saul more of a Frasier or more of a Joey (or is it more of a Lou Grant, a show none of you would remember because I'm 31 and even I wasn't alive for it); whether you're "over" Breaking Bad; how those guys from Mr. Show have really been a defining force in pop culture in the last decade and a half.



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Feb 6, 2015 12:37PM EST

Okay sooooo, I didn't watch Breaking Bad (it's on the list, okay). Should I even bother with Better Call Saul?


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Feb 6, 2015 12:23PM EST

Zaz, yes watch it! It probably will have nothing at all to do with Breaking Bad.

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