'Orphan Black' S3E2: Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Scarface has escaped from prison with the help of his brother Mustache! We now know their names are Rudy and Seth, respectively. Rudy brings an unsuspecting girl back to his hotel room and begins to sex her, when Seth jumps in to join them! The girl is not about it, but the brothers surprisingly let her go. They first write down all her info in a little notebook and take a sample of her hair. Seems like weird first date protocol to me, but I guess "weird" is relative when you’re a clone. Is this a mission or just a way for the boys to blow off steam? Paul shows up and administers some sort of logic test. Rudy breezes through it, but Seth struggles; where Rudy is clear and focused, Seth is twitchy and disoriented. Paul gives the boys their extraction orders, but Rudy tells him they’re not done with their mission to collect the original Castor sample. So it seems their exploits with the girl may have been part of their mission, although not sanctioned by the military. I wonder what Rudy and Seth’s notebook has to do with finding their source material.

Orphan Black S3E2

Meanwhile, the Leda clones are curious about their source material as well. Scott and Cosima meet with Dr. Nealon at Dyad to ask if their original genome was truly destroyed. Nealon assures them that the samples were lost and that the identities of the Leda and Castor originals died with the Duncans. Until Rudy and his brothers popped up, Dyad thought Castor had failed to produce any successful clones. I’m not sure I trust Dyad, but it seems like if the samples from the originals did still exist, either Dyad or Castor would have found them by now. As far as we know, the only clue left is Ethan Duncan’s research, written in code in his copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Excluding her Oscar-worthy performance as Sarah last episode, Alison has stayed out of the fray so far, dealing with her own financial issues. Donnie got fired from his job, but Alison is hell-bent on running for School Trustee against her nemesis Marci. To make up for their lack of funds, Alison plans to take over Ramon’s (her dealer from season 1) drug-dealing business, effectively ensuring the money to fund her campaign and the votes of her soccer mom clients. All I can say is #AlisonforPrimeMinister, that chick’s going to take over the world.

Seth is dutifully at his pickup location, waiting to be transported back to base, but he’s starting to lose it, flashing in and out of consciousness, and punching his car to ground himself. Rudy calls and says he knows Seth is "glitching" and that he’s going to finish their mission, no matter what. Rudy’s gone rogue! He is convinced Leda has the original genome and so instead of going to his pickup location like a good little soldier, he goes to Felix’s apartment. Based on what we’ve seen from Seth, and Rudy since he’s not exactly the picture of mental stability, I think that while the Leda "glitch" is biological, the Castor "glitch" is psychological; the Leda clones die of mysterious growths and respiratory problems, and the Castor clones become increasingly unstable and lose their grasp on reality.

Orphan Black S3E2

Back at the Castor base, Helena undergoes the same logic test that Paul gave Rudy and Seth. The scorpion is back, and doing everything it can to distract Helena from her test. The woman in charge, Dr. Virginia Cody (whom the clones call "Mother"), stops the test and ushers Helena outside. I can’t tell where they are, but it’s definitely not Canada, maybe the Middle East? Virginia has nice chat with Helena about motherhood, saying that she never wanted children, but now she has more than she can count. What a callous thing to say to Helena, who since she met Sarah has been driven by the idea that she too may be able to have children, only to see that desire abused and distorted by nearly everyone she’s encountered so far. Virginia takes the manipulation further by telling Helena that it was Sarah who sold her out. I wonder what they want from Helena; could her pregnancy somehow hold the key to the original genome Castor is so desperate for?

Rudy searches Felix’s apartment, but comes up empty. Good thing, too because Dr. Moreau was hiding in plain sight on the bookshelf! Rudy grabs Kira when she arrives home with Sarah. Holding Kira at gunpoint, Rudy demands Sarah tell him where the tissue samples are. Cal meets Seth in the lobby where he starts babbling lines from the logic test, and eventually collapses, screaming and convulsing. Rudy hears his brother and lets Kira go once he realizes Sarah knows just as little as he does about their originals. Rudy rushes to his brother’s aid, but it’s clear all he can do now is put him out of his misery. Rudy shoots Seth twice in the chest and tenderly eases him into death. The bond between these two is undeniable, which is strange since they had a seemingly harsh upbringing by the military. Are all the clones are this close, or is it just these two? I think the latter is more likely, since the military clone has been nothing but stony-faced so far and Mark ran away from his brothers to join the Proletheans. What makes Rudy and Seth special? Might they be twins like Helena and Sarah? Rudy makes sure to grab the notebook from Seth’s pocket before he makes his exit, so the information he and Seth gathered is obviously important to Rudy, if not to Castor.

Orphan Black S3E2

After such a close call with Rudy, Mrs. S uses her contacts to help Cal take Kira out of the country. The pair are headed to Iceland until Sarah can find Helena and put an end to their fight with Castor. But will it ever be safe for Sarah and her family? It seems that as soon as they take care of one threat, another appears in its place. Sarah plans to use Mark to get to the rest of the clones, but that may be easier said than done. Mark is on the run with his new bride, Gracie (who, let’s not forget, is carrying Helena’s baby). In the last shot of the episode, Mark burns off the two-headed horse tattoo that all the Castor boys share. I think it’s safe to say Mark definitely doesn’t want to be found and he certainly doesn’t feel the allegiance to his brothers that Rudy and Seth shared.

MVC of the Week: Helena, for sticking it to the man and remaining hilarious in the face of adversity. "Where are these mangoes?"

Honorable mention goes to Mark for burning his tattoo off WITH A BLOWTORCH to keep Gracie safe.


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