'UnREAL' S1E5: Truth

★ ★ ★ ½

The "crew" in UnREAL have stretched the truth in order to make a juicier episode, but what Rachel learned is that there are boundaries even Everlasting shouldn’t cross. ‘Truth’ is more than likely the last glimmer of happiness we’ll be seeing before everything goes downhill for the cast and crew of Everlasting.

Since Adam is easily manipulated with "toddler-level reverse psychology", he chose Faith for a hometown visit. The goal of the visit was to get Faith to lose her virginity to Adam to spice things up for viewers, but Rachel discovered something far more provocative — Faith is a closeted lesbian in love with her life-long friend Amy and Faith joined the competition in hopes that it would "fix" her. The whole situation was a fantastic twist.

With Rachel’s help, Faith was eased into coming out in front of Adam. But the sense of relief it gave Faith was something she wanted to replicate on mass — or in mass, I should say. She decides that she wants to come out to the entire congregation of her… loving and accepting, god-fearing small town in Mississippi that definitely would support her no matter what, right? No worries though, Adam and Rachel quickly stop her by having her earn a ring from Adam, passing her into the next round.

UnReal S1

Back at the Everlasting House, everyone else makes video clips for Adam, telling him why he should come visit their hometowns. The not-too-good-at-her-job Shia targets Mary after learning that the single mom has been taking mood stabilizers for her PTSD and bipolar disorder. Shia calls her a "dull, dead-eyed loser before tampering with Mary’s medication. By the end of the day (and after a pep talk from Quinn), Mary is performing a striptease to see if she’s "still got it" and start playing the game. She confessed her past as an abused housewife in her Adam clip and won the round.

In love triangle news, Rachel has an "almost" moment with both Jeremy and Adam. Quinn wins at 40 percent stake and creative credit in Everlasting after manipulating Chet with Shia’s (right?!) advice. The storyline, while relieving, was wrapped up really quickly. The situation could have been far more messy and longer lasting, but there’s probably more to come. Quinn was fighting an uphill battle against Chet’s lawyer, who stated that the evidence she provided could be manipulated into a stalking lawsuit and a restraining order.

Does anyone know what happened to half of the contestants this week? It’s not just the "wife-materials" who are missing now, but other contestants too. While it’s good that the show focuses on the crew’s viewpoint and on significant contestants like Faith, Anna, and Mary. It’s sad to see almost no other contestants get introduced or developed. Instead we have unknown extras filling in for characters — in the Top 10 especially — who should be standing around, at least. Their voids are definitely not filled.

This episode, more of an upper than a downer, it seems that things are going well for most people. But I doubt that that will last long.


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