'Pretty Little Liars' S7E12: These Boots Were Made for Stalking

★ ★ ½

The best part of this PLL episode was probably its title — and that's unAcceptable. Fans of this show are VERY familiar with disappointment, but even so, "These Boots Were Made for Stalking" was a disappointing episode.

After the introduction of Liar's Lament last week, I hoped that this show finally had the plot device it needed to avoid filler subplots. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Nine episodes left and instead of answers this episode was chock full of PLL's most annoying recurring plot lines.

Pretty Little Liars: S7E12

If you want to save yourself a truly groan-worthy hour of frustration, check out my list of highlights and lowlights:

A member of the Rosewood High faculty was FINALLY told by a student that a teacher is being sexually inappropriate. It was a lie, but still, it's taken seven seasons for that to happen. When it comes to highlights, I'll take what I can get.

Aria's old friend Holden followed her to New York to stop her from confronting Nicole. Was he stalking Aria to stop her from making a mistake or was this a clue Holden could be helping out AD?

Mona. This show's best character confronted Jenna, helped out Hanna, dished out the sass, and did what she does best: make a boring episode of PLL better.

"His head rolled over your feet, remember?" Only PLL could have their "heroic" main characters casually joke about beheading someone. Even the villains in GoT have more tact than that.

Other than a funny reference by Emily comparing Liar's Lament to Jumanji, that's it for the highlights. As for my list of lowlights for this episode... that's considerably longer:

The introduction of Addison Derringer, aka Ali 2.0, is the worst thing to happen to PLL since Shower Harvey. Eavesdropping on conversations, making sexual harassment allegations against Emily, and even the possibility of her working with Jenna aren't enough to make her character interesting.

Jenna Marshall, a blind girl, somehow stole the design of Hanna's dress. Like, for real? How does that work?

Once again, Paige is jealous that Emily is being affectionate with Ali. This love triangle was tackled two seasons ago back when the plotline was still interesting. Seven seasons later, the liars are still making blind jokes about Jenna. Talk about poor taste, it's their fault she's blind in the first place!

Hanna got locked in a shoe cobbler's... cobbler cage? Shoe jail? We all remember she got kidnapped and poked with a cattle prod, nobody needed more flashbacks as a reminder.

A few episodes ago we heard Jenna tell Spencer she can smell her blood. Now she can hear her breathing from across the room... smh.

AD has given Spencer a letter from her mother and Emily the security footage she needed to best her teenage blackmailer. At this point in their A games, Mona and Charlotte were burying bodies. Maybe AD stands for almost devious, because so far AD hasn't done anything that bad.

Though this episode was disappointing, I have hope that the next one will be a lot more exciting. It's Hanna's turn to play Liar's Lament and based on the way she manhandles Sydney in the promo, she's not happy about it.

Were you as disappointed with this episode as I was? Which shady Rosewood resident do you think is AD and who are their minions? Leave your comments below!


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