Nip/Tuck Sets End Date

Setting end dates for television series in advance is starting to become a trend (see Lost, Battlestar Galactica and recently, Mad Men) and honestly, I'm not complaining.

It allows the show to carefully plan a clear path for its storyline, which should minimize getting off track and prevent a forced abrupt conclusion (in the event of a tragic, unexpected cancellation).

Well, you can now add another series to this list: Nip/Tuck. FOX/tv-genres/fx has shared their plans for the remainder of this series and they are as follows:

The 5th season - abbreviated by the strike - will conclude in 2009 with 8 more episodes.

Then - in 2011 - a final 6th season consisting of 19 episodes will air (2011?! I just hope Julian McMahon isn't bald by then...).

This means that the show will conclude having filmed exactly 100 episodes.

Source: TV Guide


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