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I like camping, flyfishing, hunting and golfing. Sitting on a float tube in the lake having a beer with some friends and or family.




I think someone else might have been better for the part of Batwoman. Nothing seems or feels right about her in this part, the acting or the look. Not totally sure, but she just doesn't seem right for the part. Just can't get into this show.

Another Life

Boring, if you watch a lot of science fiction like I do, there is a lot scenes the same as other movies and TV shows. Hoping for more action and space aliens not so much drama, all of the show takes place on the ship, need to get out more often.

The Outpost

I have no idea why I watched 5 episodes of this. Terrible acting, very bad fight scenes. I don't think this was actually supposed to be aired. The only reason I gave it a 1.5 is cause I actually watched 5 episodes hoping it would get better, I was wrong.