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... and it was good. The higher powers saw this source material and thought 'that'll do. Lets make that.' And through the remakes, the translations and the transcriptions to new media, some were hailed as The Greatest *Thing* Ever, while many were quietly forgotten, like Spaced USA.

Vampires, Witches, Werewolves... Oh My!

A compilation of the most useful documentaries out there, for use in the event of the apocalypse. Instructions for all major horror and mythological creatures is included as standard. For more information please grrr argh...
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Some Assembly Required

People are fragile creatures. A few pounds of pressure and you could be split from nape to navel before you know it. These are the tales of the people who will put you back together again, of course they might have to go elbow deep into the patient first, but what is a little blood between strangers.
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