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Proudly falling in love with anime characters since 1988. #TeamVegeta


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Have you ever wish to share the same amazing fictional universe your favourite characters live in? I know I do.

Murder, She wrote

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Serial killer, drug lords, global conspiracies, unsolved mysteries, unique and broken cops/agents? yes, please



The X-Files

In my opinion there are 3 possible ways to review this show:
1. If you are an hard-core X-Files fan (as I am) and you started a long committed marathon to re-watch all the 9 previous seasons months ago (as I did) , you will probably find the first episode perfectly in line with the tone of the old show. Yes, they aged, but their messy relationship is still there, Scully is looking out for Mulder, Mulder is looking for the truth. Which apparently is still out there. For sure, after watching season 9, it feels like an improvement (at least Mulder is in it), but there's A LOT of explaining to do and a lot of nostalgia. P.S. A.D. Skinner is LOOKING GOOD!
2. if you WERE an X Files fan and just couldn't bare watching the last two seasons (8 and 9 ) 13 years ago, gave up and decided to remember X-Files at its best (till season 6) you will have mixed feelings about this new season. And it's ok. You will probably enjoy seeing our two heroes again, but the plot will feel way to messy and sometimes not really original. Take it as it is, no need to be judgy. It seems there are going to be several monster-of-the-week episodes, and you just may enjoy them!
3. You just heard about the X-Files YESTERDAY or from your parents and you are into every CW show. Then it's probably not the show for you. Knowing that, give it a try. It may surprise you, but there's a great chance Mulder and Scully are going to feel like your uncle and aunt.

War & Peace

If you enjoy a good period drama like Downton Abbey and have loved Pride and Prejudice you will find War and Peace extremely satisfying. Good acting, amazing settings and costumes, tremendous care of historical details for jet a very modern and fresh version of Tolstoj novel. Don't expect something boring: you'll finish the episode without even realizing it!

Black Sails

Black Sails is the pirate show you didn't know you needed until you watch it. Intriguing plot, characters slowly growing in every episode and the most incredible setting. If you love pirate action, period drama with a strong taste for violence and plotting with no rules the show will not let you down: brace yourself for a number of shocking twists and memorable battles in open see that will never feel cheap in their making.
Currently in its 3rd season it gives the impression to get better and better, so if you are starting it now don't judge it by the first season - it's a bit intricate for no particular reason - , because the second will blow your mind.