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Really liked the two first seasons....after that turned a bit weird.
The show was good and talked about all types of problems in a different was something everyone could relate with....

But then again....the last season was totally of...and the only good part about the show was the original cast.


My favourite show ever. Always made me laugh and sometimes even cry!
Simply the best tv show from all times. Recomend if you like comedy.

Gossip Girl

Not sure how I feel about "Gossip Girl".
Watch the first few seasons....find them interesting...but never got me hooked.
It just dind´t "click" with me.

Sort of liked Blair and Chuck....but felt like their story was too complicated and unrealistic.
Probably that was why i stop watching. Totally not rellating with any of the characters.

Saw the last episode (even after giving up on the show) and was glad i dind´t follow with it...the truth about gossip girl? Ridiculous!!!
I know i didn´t watch the hole thing...but even so...