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Nederlandse of Vlaamse series.



Marvel's Daredevil

4 episodes in, i am not loving this show but's okeey to watch. It's lot of "hand to hand combad"
the alter ego of Daredevil, Matt needs a littel more atention.
like i say the show is okeey, probely even great if you have read the commics but i still have a problem whit a blind guy fithing of 5 people even if he got super hearing.

The Night Shift

The ER at the night shift,, tun mostly by (ex-)military doctors so people who now how to act fast and also make jokes when it is possible.
2 shows in i like this show. Just the rite combination between drama and commedie. and not to many people/storylines to get confusing. The 40 min. are going before you now it.


I think this is going to be the best new show of the season. okeey the season is just starting and i havn't watch all the new shows (yet) but i watch eppisode 1 and 2 from this show and i love it!!
It's crime solving (jes a nother one) but whit a lot of humor (i think this is a dutch word don't now the englisch one sorry) the story tells how a 28 year guy, Brain, who thin't do much whit his life gets realy smart becouse of a pill that makes your brain work more (you now the old ...% of the brain we don't use) Brain starts working at the FBI the fun parts ar mostly the voiceover from Brain wo is commenting as the show is going on.

Think the show is great now but i am hoping thay can keep that up.