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Nederlandse of Vlaamse series.

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The Night Shift

The ER at the night shift,, tun mostly by (ex-)military doctors so people who now how to act fast and also make jokes when it is possible.
2 shows in i like this show. Just the rite combination between drama and commedie. and not to many people/storylines to get confusing. The 40 min. are going before you now it.

Marvel's Daredevil

4 episodes in, i am not loving this show but's okeey to watch. It's lot of "hand to hand combad"
the alter ego of Daredevil, Matt needs a littel more atention.
like i say the show is okeey, probely even great if you have read the commics but i still have a problem whit a blind guy fithing of 5 people even if he got super hearing.

The Flash

spin of from the Arrow.

The Arrow is great The flash is better. Starting because the flash really is a superhero (not that he thinks that him self, like all hero's)