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When writers start to chase their tales to find a gritty new story line; and all i'm left with is sand up to my eye balls. AKA T.V series that manage to become so bland…

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The 100

I am 100 percent on board with this program! Get it? Ok moving on. Season One had a mild case of the cringes and sometimes I would find myself say "really?" as I grew weary of another predictable Teen program that would drag its heels. To my happy surprise, the writers sent The 100 into a dramatic whirl wind of scifi. What hooks me with programs is the strong character development; seeing the gruelling process happen before your eyes - The 100 hundred provide that. Misbehaving, down right bratty, and irritating teenagers blooming into savage Adults. Win Win for me!

Black Sails

Mark my words that Black Sails is one of the most underrated under hyped programs of the year. People are so busy with the count down of Game Of Thrones (which i am a fan of) that they're missing out on a Black Sails, which keep their taste buds going with each hiatus. Black Sails has a slow beginning for season one which may be hard for the impatient viewers of this generation; but if they stick it out till the second season like Breaking Bad, you'll quickly find out the writer intension to build strong character and story development. I found myself ( and i'm sure you will too) The Baddest pirate of them all - Captain Flint. Black Sails is brilliant; a mixture of strong women, complex story lines and deep layered lead characters that never leave you hanging... or do they? They are pirates of course!