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Not The Right Episode 16

The episode that is playing under Episode 16 is actually Episode 15. In short, episode 16 is missing in the list.

Jack Bauer will be missed....

Until recently, I was quite happy about Fox's decision to cancel 24. I felt like the show had run its course and all the original ideas they could possibly come up with had been done. Every season felt like it had all the same basic elements with different people playing the same characters: the mole(s) inside CTU, the person on the current president's staff that is working with the other side/has their own agenda in the white house/does not agree with the president's decisions and takes matters into their own hands, Jack starting off the season by quitting his work but ending up being sucked right back in for another 24 hours... Another head of CTU/other authority figure that does not listen to Bauer, ofcourse that leads to the usual Jack disobeying orders and getting into trouble for doing the right thing, etc etc.... However, while watching last night's episode, I actually enjoyed the storyline even though the usual elements were there...somehow, they felt different and I felt like, maybe Fox made the wrong decision by canceling 24. Maybe Jack Bauer will be missed. Actually, he definitely will be missed. Despite the over-used storylines, I actually still love this show and if it hadn't been canceled, I would have continued to be a loyal fan of the show. I hope this season ends well at least....and maybe a movie somewhere down the line....:)

Not impressed!

new ctu look is crap too much futuristic elememts which are ponitless! also i notice in season 8 aftyer interagation they dont promise too much pardon from the president instead they offer no death sentence. but still so not real This Mr Jackie never will be classy Brucy Die Hard!!Sorry its true

Is 24 the most addictive series of all time? - Featured

A British film site - LOVEFiLM.com - commissioned a poll in the hopes of identifying the most addictive TV series of all time. 24 came in first place with 19% of the vote. Lost came in 2nd place with 17% of the vote. Friends (1994) came in 3rd place with 10% of the vote. The rest of the results - all with below 10% of the vote - were as follows: Heroes The Wire Dr. Who CSI Prison Break The Sopranos Sex and the City So what do you think of this list? Is CSI actually addictive? Where's Dexter ? What do you think should be on here instead? Source

stupid end

there was no logic whatsoever the way season is ended..the conspiracy is still open.....who is wilson?

the arab????

Does anyone remember the arab in past couple of episodes??? I am sure he is the same one the was in season 4. remember in the gun shop when Jack and Paul ( Audrey's ex husband) were sheltering from the little private army that were coming after them after the emp bomb!!! does anyone else remember and agree?

Having 2 woman in the white house would be like....

I dont know how much more of this season I can take with the Mother Daughter combo in the White House. Everythings emotional, its portrayed as the country being run by someone whose excited to get field agent phone calls to let her know that she made the right choice. I dont know. I know i'm gonna get blasted for this but its just typical non sensical hollywood taking things to far out of context to be realistic.

Discuss: When Did These Favs Jump the Shark? - Featured

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, "Jumped the Shark," it's a colloquialism used to "denote that point in a TV show or movie series' history where the plot veers off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations, particularly for a show with falling ratings apparently becoming more desperate to draw viewers in." ( Wikipedia ) Some shows that are considered to have "jumped the shark," are listed below, not including those already listed and getting some great discussions going on our list of top 10 shows that have jumped the shark: Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 1 Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 2 So when, if at all, do you think the following shows jumped the shark? At what particular point or with what completely ridiculous plotline did these shows take the leap into absurdity? Happy Days That 70's Show The X-Files South Park The Simpsons Alias Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel One Tree Hill 24 Desperate Housewives Friday Night Lights Ghost Whisperer

Which TV Character Will You Miss the Most?

Thank you, friends, for coming. We are gathered here today to mourn and honor the TV characters who have been taken from us too soon this season. There have been many, and there will be many more as we head toward a boatload of cliff-hanger finales. But we want to hear from you: Which TV characters will you miss the most? Did Warrick's CSI goodbye leave you grabbing for Kleenex? Were you heartbroken after Dualla's shocking suicide on Battlestar Galactica ? How did you react to 24 killing off the beloved Bill Buchanan? Source here


Well that was just a great surprise and shocking!!! Just did not expect bill buchanan to be dead so early in this season!!!