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24 Boss: There Will Be No "Happily Ever After" for Jack Bauer

The series finale of 24 is nigh, but how will it all play out? Will Jack Bauer finally get unlimited days of rest after eight 24-hour nightmares? Or will his inherent angst finally be his undoing? Neither, says Howard Gordon, the show's executive producer and showrunner. "One thing we tried and it didn't work was 'happily ever after,'" he says of the series finale. "It just wasn't within Jack's wheelhouse. "On the other end of the spectrum, Jack would die," he says. "And in its own way, that's equally unsatisfying. Jack has a far more ambiguous, complex and emotional ending this year." To Read More Click Here .

TV Ratings Report: DWTS Down, Far From Out

A slightly down night for Dancing with the Stars didn't mean much this week: it still came out on top last night. * 8 p.m. Dancing With the Stars: 18.5 million viewers House: 9.7 million How I Met Your Mother: 7.4 million/Rules of Engagement: 7.2 million Chuck: 5.3 million One Tree Hill: 1.9 million * 9 p.m. Dancing With the Stars: 21 million/Romantically Challenged: 10.6 million The Big Bang Theory: 11.55 million/The Big Bang Theory rerun: 10.3 million 24: 9.1 million Law & Order rerun: 5.1 million Gossip Girl: 1.75 million * 10 p.m. Castle: 10.8 million CSI: Miami: 9.6 million Law & Order: 6.1 million Source Here

No Sunset Walking for Jack Bauer, 24 Producer Spoils

On this week's episode of 24, Jack Bauer continued to do what he thought was right. That's a staple of this character, of course, which is largely why we love him. But we take extreme issue with what's actually at stake (translation: nothing) on season eight and the decisions Jack has made to accomplish his questionable goal. In a new interview with TV Guide, meanwhile, producer Howard Gordon says last night's installment was central to the show's end game. In what way? Read on... On the 11 a.m. hour: This is the episode where Jack's trajectory really gets defined and comes into focus, what we're going to see for the balance of the season. This is a very crystallizing moment. When Jack kills Dana unarmed, that's the first execution in his train of justice - or vengeance, depending on how you look at it. To Read More Click here .

24 Promo: Jack vs. The Russians

As the 24 promo below hypes: There are only four hours left until the end of an era... Unfortunately, that era is limping toward the finish line, as last night's episode and the storyline playing out right now is an absolutely snooze, with nothing at stake. Read our detailed opinion on why 24 is making us sad and then check out the official Fox preview for the noon hour: Source & Preview

The Story Behind 24's Shocking Death

SPOILER ALERT: This article reveals key details about Monday's episode of 24, so if you haven't watched yet and don't want to know who died and why, stop reading now! On Monday's episode of 24, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) started off his laser-focused vengeance plan with a bang, shooting and killing shifty mole Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) at point-blank range for what he perceived to be her role in the death of his girlfriend Renee Walker (Annie Wersching). Executive producer Howard Gordon knows that the fans won't be mourning Dana, but with only four hours left before Jack doesn't ride off into the sunset (see below), Gordon thinks it's important to explain what Dana's death represents in what he calls Jack's "descent into darkness." To Read More Click Here .

'24' Preview: Jack Bauer Against the World

Chloe can't bring him back, and is now forced to go up against him. I guess we can make it official: Jack Bauer has gone rogue. Although I totally get where he's coming from. Imagine being betrayed by your President, the one person you're loyal to? She wants peace and you want justice, and even if he perfectly knows that those two don't mix, he decided to take on a hint of idealism anyway. Now he has a huge bag of weapons and a plan: take Dana Walsh, retrieve the evidence, and expose the truth to the world. Provided, of course, that Dana survives being tortured for the evidence. Oh, President Taylor, please jump back. What are you doing? The way things are, it seems the world really has collapsed--and they're blaming it all on Jack. So, on tonight's 24, he has to continue his quest for justice, to seek revenge for Renee's death, and perhaps to make things better at all costs--he's done it before, after all. On the other side, there's President Taylor, bent on keeping the peace treaty alive... but there are more people out to stop it now. She just can't get a break, huh? I'm betting it's the Russians, not taking President Logan's blackmailing lightly. If it's your interests at stake you really won't stop until you get it, right? 24 returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.

24 Spoilers: Chloe vs. Jack!

Tick... tick... tick... The clock is truly counting down on 24, as the Fox drama moves toward its May 24 finale. What can fans expect from this two-hour episode? 'Chloe and Jack are in a real face-off,' executive producer Howard Gordon told Michael Ausiello. 'And Chloe has to decide between her duty [as head of CTU] and her friendship and allegiance to Jack. Their relationship gets put to the test in a way it's never been tested before.... It's about as hairy a confrontation as you can possibly imagine, and it's a nearly lethal one.' Nearly a lethal one? Sigh. This is why we wish there was no 24 movie on the horizon. Not so Chloe could kill Jack. But so Jack could lose his life while protecting the country he's dedicated it to for years now. Isn't that the only appropriate way for the series to conclude? Source Here

First Look: '24' series finale!

I have no clue who Jack is pointing his gun at. Nor do I know what's inside that humongous backpack of his. But here's what I do know: The 24 series finale airs (appropriately enough) on May 24 and this is your exclusive first look! Source Here

24 Promo: Jack Bauer, Dead Man?

This week's episode of 24 earned half a star from the TV Fanatic staff. That's what happens when you contrive suspense out of a plot with scarcely anything at stake. But here's to hoping that rating goes up in a week, as the 11 a.m. hour is teased in the promo below by a narrator that says: "Our government and our enemies both want the same thing: Jack Bauer, dead." We somehow doubt either side will get its wish, but we'll be watching to find out what happens. Will you? Source & Promo

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, April 26, 2010

* 24 (9/8c Fox) Jack's gone behind the backs of CTU brass before in the course of espionage, and even cut the president out of the loop once or twice, but he's always been able to count on Chloe having his back. Now that she's acting head of CTU, that may no longer be the case, and Jack finds himself calling in a marker from an old friend (Michael Madsen) when things get tight. Meanwhile, President Taylor, who's already reluctantly trusting Charles Logan, enlists someone from the private sector - Mark Bledsoe (D.B. Sweeney) - to help with the crisis. * Gossip Girl (9/8c The CW ) After a long buildup, we finally get to meet Serena and Eric's mysterious father. William Baldwin taps into his blue-blooded Dirty Sexy Money background to play Dr. William van der Woodsen (not to be confused with his brother, Keith, seen in last season's flashback episode). Though Serena's excited about the reunion, she learns that the reason he's in town is not a good one. As if daddy issues weren't enough, Serena also faces problems with Nate, who has Jenny waiting eagerly to comfort him. * The United States of Tara (10:30/9:30c Showtime ) Toni Collette demonstrates her protean talents in a wild outing that allows for appearances by all of Tara's alters. An "event of startling magnitude," a tornado (or "torando" as it's misspelled on the local news crawl), blows through town, forcing the Gregsons, Charmaine and the gay neighbors to seek shelter in the basement. While huddled underground, newest mental manifestation, therapist Shoshana Schoenbaum, initiates a group session that turns rather stormy. * Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (10/9c Travel) You might want to check this out after you've had your dinner, because courageous chowhound Andrew Zimmern is heading to rural Thailand in the Season 4 opener, and he finds foods that even he won't to try. Raw cow placenta, anyone? He does sample a dish he describes as "horrific," and finds some tasty surprises, too, including one that's dug up in a cow pie. We'll take his word for it. * RuPaul's Drag Race (9/8c Logo) This is it, race fans: Raven, Jujubee and Tyra Sanchez, all dolled up and sashaying furiously for RuPaul's checkered flag and those PR gigs (plus the $25,000 cash prize) that will go with it when the exhaust clears. You have to think that poor Jujubee has the most ground to make up. S/he has had to lip-synch for her life the last two times out, and tonight's challenge revolves around RuPaul's latest music video. So, gentlemen, start your engines. And, as Ru puts it, "may the best (wo)man win!" * Runaway Squad (11:30/10:30c A&E ) The first season comes to a close on a bittersweet note. The team conducts a search from Manhattan to Coney Island to find a 14-year-old girl. But, even if they find her, they know that the struggle is far from over, as she has run away three times before. Source Here