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NBC Thursday Comedies - Who Did Christmas Best? - Featured

If you tuned into the full NBC comedy lineup last night of Community , Parks & Recreation , The Office and 30 Rock - you probably noticed that there was a whole lot of Christmas. So - which show do you think tackled the holidays the best? Was it Community 's " Comparative Religion " with a guest starring Anthony Michael hall? Was it Parks & Recreation 's " Christmas Scandal ''' - a hilarious sendup of governmental sex scandals? Was it The Office 's " Secret Santa " - with Phyllis and Michael's battle for who got to be Santa Claus (but also the re-hashing of the slightly less festive "business is in trouble" recession plot)? Or was it 30 Rock 's similarly-titled (and by similarly I mean identical) " Secret Santa " - guest starring Julianne Moore? Which did you watch? Who did the holidays best? Personally, I think P&R has been on a roll! Image courtesy of Videogum

Best part of this episode...

Tracy Jordan's laughs. Did anybody else find them hilarious?

Moby in a Bad Brains t-shirt

I thought it was pretty radical that Moby was in this episode wearing a Bad Brains t-shirt. Two of the members from the Beastie Boys were also in this episode. Do you think the same??

Did anyone notice?

Lizs hair showed a visable updraft during the second fart.??

Tina's glasses

I can't stand it that Tina's glasses are always crooked. Is it just me? Is it supposed to be that way?

tina fey not marriage material?

What i cant believe the guy in the jewlery store doesn't find her attractive. True her character is weird but you couldn't tell until she dropped the ring.

Beastie Boys?

Was that the bestie boys at the end? who is the black guy?

What Happened to Lonny Ross?

I watched the premiere online (twice already) and I won't post spoilers, but did anyone who watched it notice a name missing from the supporting players after the title sequence? They added Grizz, Dotcom, and Jonathan as regulars, which was deserved, but Lonny Ross aka Josh was missing. His bio has also been removed from the official NBC website. Anyone heard anything about this? I've tried looking it up and came to a dead end.

Donald Glover on the screen???

Did any of you see Donald Glover at 14:22?

Grizz and Liz

Did anyone else catch the hint that Grizz and Liz may have slept together?! LOL! "Grizz it was a year ago and youre engaged now". LOL And to all the people who look waaay too much into tv shows, I say dont watch. Has anyone heard of topical humor? Whether its politics or race...get over it! Also everyone one on that show is hilarious and can act their asses off, so I dont know where some get the horrible acting critiques from! You must be insane!