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What are they doing to Jenna?!

Let me start off by saying I love Jenna, and she is easily my favorite character. However, for the last few episodes her character has just given unfunny plot lines back to back (i.e. the pet monkey). I really think the writers of "30 Rock" need to do something with her character, maybe put her in a relationship or something. I don't know, any thoughts or arguments?

Classic Case of Fruit Blindness

one of the greatest lines in the show - although the entire thing had me LOL'ing very loud. one of the greatest season finales, imho. what are some of your fav. lines? also - "Pete, how am i going to live? I only have 300 million dollars!"

Which 3rd season guest star are you most looking forward to seeing on 30 Rock?

# Oprah - I'm so excited to see Liz Lemon meet her idol! # Jennifer Aniston - I can't wait to see her scare Jack! # Steve Martin - Definitely the best guest star announced so far! Which guest star are you looking forward to the most?

Baby Mamma??

Doesn't anyone find it a bit cheap that Tina Fey is pretty much recycling the plot to her movie 'Baby Mamma' in her quest to adopt a baby in 30 rock? I swear they've even used some of the same jokes...

Music reminds me of Jeeves and Wooster.

Does anybody else feel the same way?

That was MUCH better ...

I don't know, the last four episodes of 30 Rock had their funny moments, but were kind of, sort of, lame. Episode 5 is the first episode of the third season that made me laugh really really hard! They need to calm down on all those celebrity guest stars and focus on the 'funny'.

Zach Braff?

Is it Zach Braff who sang the Elisa song? I think it looks like him, but I am not sure

The song at the end

It was amusing, but lasted way too freakin long, I skipped through it. do you like it too? I think the song was the funny part of the show

So good.

I was so surprised that people didn't think this episode was funny! Oh my goodness! This is such a good reconnection with the humor of Season 1, the beauty of the real 30 Rock! So, so good. Maybe try watching it again. Just relax a little and let Jenna's crazy, Liz's neurosis, Jack's elitism and Tracy's oblivion of reality allow you to laugh and love and enjoy the rich social terribleness that America loves to force itself into.

Paycheck actually a bonus

I liked the part when teddy looked at Jack pay check. Then he thought to himself its sure is alot of zeros and turned the other piece and geeked. That was pretty funny and Jack told him that just was his bonus.