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Is that what they think Stone Mountain is like?

It's incredible! . I would think that the writers for this show would do a little more research on the town they are going to be writing about. Stone Mt. is more like a suburb of Atl than a tiny town below the gnat line. They depicted Stone Mt. to be more like Waycross, Ga than what is really is.

Liz Lemon, Stealth Conservative?

That's the case Slate's Jonah Weiner builds in his his piece, "I Want to GOP to There." He lays out a thesis that "[Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon's] head butting doubles as an argument about the viability of liberal ideals and the allure of a pragmatic, colder-eyed conservatism," but laments that, as an audience, "we seem meant to accept Liz's Jack-ward drift, if not cheer it on outright, as part of her maturation." [Slate via Gawker] Source

"30 Rock" Switches Time Slots; Is It in Trouble, or a Hit?

So, is 30 Rock struggling in the ratings or what? In celebrating the return of 30 Rock and The Office two weeks ago (our two favorite comedies! Though, seriously, if How I Met Your Mother keeps sneaking in Canadian content like last night's Crash Test Dummies joke, it's going to crack the top two), we mentioned that "one show . The Office , has grown into a hit (now with a forthcoming spinoff) while the other , 30 Rock , remains that kind of fragile suckling that critics coddle but that America never quite warms up to." One commenter took exception to this characterization of 30 Rock as a "fragile suckling," especially in comparison to The Office. And some new ratings numbers on 30 Rock's return provide a more complete diagnosis of the show's health, just in time for the news that the show is moving to a new, later time slot. (More on this below!) For 30 Rock fans, it turns out to be a fortunately/unfortunately scenario. Fortunately, the ratings for the show's most recent airing, last Thursday, April 17, were up 24 percent from this time last year. America's catching on! Read More

Did 30 Rock's McFlurry Praise Cross the Line?

In the wake of all the press that Pepsuber got during Super Bowl weekend, we knew it was only a matter of time before NBC decided to see how much further they could push the envelope without suffering a backlash from fans. However, we didn't anticipate that said envelope-pushing would bear down on us so quickly. In last night's 30 Rock , a show that, as our own Emily Nussbaum has already pointed out, has shown itself to be more than willing to work advertisers' messages into its plotlines Jack Donaghy and his spicy Latina lover, Elisa, not only found themselves effusively praising McFlurrys ("the world's greatest dessert"), but the plot was also tailored in such a way that the two wound up spending their Valentine's Day in an actual McDonald's restaurant. So, the question is this: Did this seemingly blatant instance of product integration breach any sort of lines of television ethics? Read More

Do Ratings Matter for '30 Rock' This Season?

As you've surely heard by now, 30 Rock returns to televisions tonight with the first episode of its third season (which everyone with a computer has probably already watched on Hulu). And while the show's historically low ratings have made it an easy punch line in SNL sketches and Emmy speeches, pretty much everyone hopes that this will be the year thanks to an army of guest stars (including OPRAH!) and the world-changing excitement over Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression that 30 Rock finally becomes a hit, thus saving itself from cancellation. But will it? Well, let's just say we're pretty sure it won't get canceled. Read More

Vampire to Steal Liz Lemon From Don Draper?

We've been wondering what on earth could possibly bring an end to Vulture's fantasy relationship between Liz Lemon and Don Draper on this season of 30 Rock (Jon Hamm's final episode airs next week, sadly) we hope it's not Edward Cullen! Last week on Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey called Twilight actor Robert Pattinson a "sexy devil," and this morning, the Daily News reports that he's referred to her as "like, the sexiest woman." We certainly hope Draper knows how to use a wooden stake. Source

Was Tina Fey Addressing McFlurrygate on 30 Rock Last Night?

Call us delusional, call us self-absorbed, call us whatever you like, but we couldn't help feeling a bit like last night's episode of 30 Rock was Vulture's Susan Boyle moment, with a few minor exceptions: Our moment only lasted three seconds, and we definitely have better eyebrows (despite the fact that we're dudes). As you'll no doubt recall, we questioned whether or not multiple mentions of McFlurries in a February episode of 30 Rock was, in fact, product placement. Well, it turned out it wasn't, as Tina Fey herself told us. We've since moved on with our lives, but the whole incident came flooding back into our mind grapes last night when Liz Lemon, while ensconced in a Slanket, uttered the phrase, "It's not product placement, I just like it!" to a slightly bewildered Jack Donaghy. Needless to say, we promptly passed out on the spot. Thanks, Tina! Source

Which 30 Rock Guest Stars Weren't Nominated for Emmys?

As everyone knows, the easiest way to an Emmy nomination is to do a guest appearance on 30 Rock. Last year, the show was responsible for seven of the eleven nods in the Outstanding Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series categories, and today, five more stars got happy calls from their agents thanks to Tina Fey: Jennifer Aniston, Elaine Stritch, Jon Hamm, Steve Martin, and Alan Alda. But it doesn't work for everyone! A year ago, poor Jerry Seinfeld got the shaft, and this year Megan Mullally and Oprah Winfrey saw their (one day's worth of) hard work add to nothing. But nobody was more snubbed today than Salma Hayek "30 Rock's most frequent guest star this season" who played Jack Donaghy's girlfriend, Elisa, in six episodes. The obvious lesson: You don't win Emmys with McFlurrys. Source

Is 30 Rock a Rip-off of The Muppet Show?

That's the theory comic-book writer Brian Lynch is trying to advance. He compares and contrasts the cast of Tina Fey's hit show with the Gen X staple and, quite frankly, makes a pretty strong case. By the time he gets to the Jenna Maroney-Miss Piggy comparison, you'll probably be won over, too. Source

Make Your Emmy Predictions - Featured

The Emmy Awards - hosted by none other than How I Met Your Mother 's Neil Patrick Harris - are this Sunday night on CBS. That means it's time to make some winner predictions! Will 30 Rock and Mad Men dominate yet again? Refresh yourselves with the nominees from the major categories now: Drama Series Big Love Breaking Bad Damages Dexter House Lost Mad Men Comedy Series Entourage Family Guy Flight of the Conchords How I Met Your Mother The Office 30 Rock Weeds Lead Actor, Comedy Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords Tony Shalhoub, Monk Steve Carell, The Office Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men Lead Actor, Drama Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Michael C. Hall, Dexter Hugh Laurie, House Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment Jon Hamm, Mad Men Simon Baker, The Mentalist Lead Actress, Comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine Christina Applegate, Samantha Who? Sarah Silverman, The Sarah Silverman Program Tina Fey, 30 Rock Toni Collette, United States of Tara Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds Lead Actress, Drama Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer Glenn Close, Damages Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men Holly Hunter, Saving Grace (2007) Check out more nominees in all of the categories over on our Emmys Page and be sure to come back Sunday night to find out the winners! Also be sure to share your predictions in comments.