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That was MUCH better ...

I don't know, the last four episodes of 30 Rock had their funny moments, but were kind of, sort of, lame. Episode 5 is the first episode of the third season that made me laugh really really hard! They need to calm down on all those celebrity guest stars and focus on the 'funny'.

Zach Braff?

Is it Zach Braff who sang the Elisa song? I think it looks like him, but I am not sure

The song at the end

It was amusing, but lasted way too freakin long, I skipped through it. do you like it too? I think the song was the funny part of the show

'A Guy Crying About a Chicken and a Baby? I Thought this was a Comedy Show."

If anyone doesn't get it, watch the season finale of MASH, a comedy show ep that had Alda bawling about a chicken and a baby. I am very glad I finished lunch before watching that. It's hard to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of a laptop.

Should Tracy be stopped?

This show is amazingly funny. However Tracy Morgen needs to be stopped. I understand that Tracy and Jenna are supposed to have an unintelligent quality about them, but with Tracy Morgen's stupid comes ridiculously bad acting. At first it was " oh well, better luck next time Tracy", but after so many of his bizarrely scripted inflections and never changing tone of speech, ripping you out of a perfectly funny situation, you begin to wonder why he is there. Does he really have a right to be there with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey? It it just like Jimmy Fallon having his own show. He isn't funny, and he is only there because a previous association with SNL. similarly, Tracy Morgan is there because of SNL. He is dragging the show down.

Who liked the first season episode

I thought this tv-show was great, it was terrific in it's preformance. it showed lot of day jobs in a station's like nbc. I would rate this show 5/5 stars.