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Moby in a Bad Brains t-shirt

I thought it was pretty radical that Moby was in this episode wearing a Bad Brains t-shirt. Two of the members from the Beastie Boys were also in this episode. Do you think the same??

Tina's glasses

I can't stand it that Tina's glasses are always crooked. Is it just me? Is it supposed to be that way?

Beastie Boys?

Was that the bestie boys at the end? who is the black guy?

Donald Glover on the screen???

Did any of you see Donald Glover at 14:22?

Classic Case of Fruit Blindness

one of the greatest lines in the show - although the entire thing had me LOL'ing very loud. one of the greatest season finales, imho. what are some of your fav. lines? also - "Pete, how am i going to live? I only have 300 million dollars!"

The song at the end

It was amusing, but lasted way too freakin long, I skipped through it. do you like it too? I think the song was the funny part of the show

'A Guy Crying About a Chicken and a Baby? I Thought this was a Comedy Show."

If anyone doesn't get it, watch the season finale of MASH, a comedy show ep that had Alda bawling about a chicken and a baby. I am very glad I finished lunch before watching that. It's hard to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of a laptop.