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So good.

I was so surprised that people didn't think this episode was funny! Oh my goodness! This is such a good reconnection with the humor of Season 1, the beauty of the real 30 Rock! So, so good. Maybe try watching it again. Just relax a little and let Jenna's crazy, Liz's neurosis, Jack's elitism and Tracy's oblivion of reality allow you to laugh and love and enjoy the rich social terribleness that America loves to force itself into.

Paycheck actually a bonus

I liked the part when teddy looked at Jack pay check. Then he thought to himself its sure is alot of zeros and turned the other piece and geeked. That was pretty funny and Jack told him that just was his bonus.

Something interesting...

Did anyone notice that the pen that Jack uses in the beginning of the episode is the same pen that Dwight uses to spy on Jim in this week's episode of the Office?

Was that Kenneth in the retro music video scene dancing?

In Season 4, Episode 2 there was a short cut of a retro music video at the beginning. Was it Kenneth dancing in there in the middle?

Do you think tracy morgan is funny?

I love Tracy Morgan, he is halrious and I have always found his comedy funny. I really think ppl just do not like seeing a black man in the show, some ppl think prime time tv is for whites only. You dont like a little diversity get over it. There are much more unfunnier characters on the show, but i will not mention who I am refering to (the page) who uses the same tones and inflections in every scene, every show but no has anything to say about him. Why? Hm.. I wonder, Tracy Morgan who is a successful comedian and halirous by the way, some certain types of ppl have something to say. Well get over it, he's on the show you're not. As someone else posted, if you think you are so funny why dont you write your own show put it on the internet and see what ppl say. White ppl get over it, the world is diverse so are some tv shows, if you really cant stand to see a show with a black millionare then watch something else. I actually do not find Jenna funny at all. As a black woman I will say the fact that Tracy Morgan is in it is the only thing that keeps me watching, besides the writing of course, but I could not stand to watch another all white show so I'm sure me and some others would tune out, if Tracy wasnt in it. Too bad that some of the characters on the show are black and you have to take a break from watching all the ppl who look like you to watch a rich black man play a rich black man as a character but you will have to get over it. Other ppl of other races, yes we have feelings too, WOW, enjoy watching ppl who look like us as well.

Josh quit?

After the first season he was basically part of the set. In the third season sometimes I'd notice him in the writers room like you'd notice little hidden jokes in the background. I think it's because Josh was mostly used as an idiot and any story or jokes they'd do for him you could do for Tracy, but Tracy is also rich and black so there's more you can do with him. Plus, writing for two characters with similar personalities and trying to make them unique would be way too much effort.

Is that what they think Stone Mountain is like?

It's incredible! . I would think that the writers for this show would do a little more research on the town they are going to be writing about. Stone Mt. is more like a suburb of Atl than a tiny town below the gnat line. They depicted Stone Mt. to be more like Waycross, Ga than what is really is.