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666 Park Avenue Season 1 “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane” Review

The last time we left  666 Park Avenue , Jane was descending a staircase to what I assumed was a hell like place, but what turned out to be a slow motion world of Time Square.  666 Park Avenue  opens with Henry papering the neighborhood with "missing" posters featuring Jane’s face. It turns out that she’s been missing for 36 hours, and Henry is feeling really guilty about forcing her to stay in New York. Cut to Jane’s vision, dream, hallucination , whatever of Time Square where an old woman tells her "You shouldn’t have come here"… "Here" being, where exactly? An alternate universe? Hell? Purgatory? I could speculate about this place for hours if given the chance. After Jane’s trip through Time Square where she yells for Henry the entire time, she wakes up in the hospital  looking awful. Henry visits and while Jane begs him to take her home, he explains that she has to stay there to get better, and watches as Jane has a flashback of being restrained and wonders if Jane has the samemental illness  that her grandmother suffered from. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/11/28/666-park-avenue-season-1-what-ever-happened-to-baby-jane-review/

'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Jane Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

In this week's episode, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," Jane reappears with no memory of what happened after she descended the spiral staircase. Brian finds out that Alexis is a malevolent muse. Gavin holds Shaw hostage and learns some disturbing news regarding the death of his daughter. Lost, Not Found It has been 36 hours since Jane descended down the mystery staircase. Henry is distributing flyers, while Gavin offers the services of a private investigator. Detective Cooper tells Henry that Nona said she and Jane split up in the basement while searching for Nona's grandmother. Henry questions the detective as to why he hasn't followed up on the mystery man who disappeared in the hallway the night Jane was attacked. Meanwhile, Jane appears in an initially deserted Times Square, a la Vanilla Sky . She sees a woman, who communicates without speaking, telling Jane that she shouldn't have come here. All of a sudden, the dream-like special effects disappear, and Jane is in the midst of a bustling Times Square yelling for Henry. //www.buddytv.com/articles/666-park-avenue/season-one-666-park-avenue-rec-48525.aspx