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90210 This Fall: West Coast vs. the Best Coast or ...

If you like your scandals sunny side up then you are stoked that 90210 is going to be up with Gossip Girl . Whether you call it the west coast or the worst coast- the center of the universe for sunshine is happening near the Hollywood sign. The CW gave details- no spoilers (damn it!) on their fall 2010 line-up- headlined by your favorite kids on the coast. The kids in Beverly Hills are ready to bring another season of exciting drama in the lives of your favorite beach babes and the challenges of carving out a life of love and leisure in the glittering So Cal Malibu coast. You won't be able to stop texting about the engaging storylines that challenge your favorite sun bunnies or how annoying and irresistible they are. No other show has been brought back like the digits of the neighborhood that American can't get enough of- for big city beauty and beaches- it's 90210.

90210 Prom?

Are they going to have a junior prom? They did the whole dumb sophomore prom thing, so is that it?

Naomi's Sexual Harassment Storyline - Who is at fault?

Is anyone else having a similar reaction to the Naomi sexual harassment storyline?...while she obviously made a poor decision in lying about what he said, did anyone get the feeling that for him to ask her "did you just offer to sleep with me?' is really inappropriate anyways? i was surprised by the question when i watched the scene; it did not appear to me that she was propositioning him or really even flirting, just wanting to get her way as usual. and even if she was, if you were a teacher and a student was doing that...the smartest/most appropriate move would not be to be the first one to mention sex or inappropriate conduct, right? why even plant the seed (no pun intended)? if he had just said, Naomi, my decision is final and I have work to go, please leave, or something...who would have cared whether she was trying to flirt with him or not? he is the adult/professional in the situation and is expected most of all to conduct himself as such. Thoughts please?

CW Returns: Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place - Who has the Best Budding Romance? - Featured

Some of our favorite and most juicy dramas return to The CW this week including Gossip Girl , 90210 , and Melrose Place (2009) ! While there are some couples we know and love like Chuck and Blair and the on-again-off-again Navid and Adrianna, there are also a number of budding romances left hanging from when we last checked in! Some are entirely new and some are flings or those almost-relationships getting another chance. So, of the romances just getting started on these returning shows, we want to know which you think is the best budding romance of them all? Gossip Girl Dan & Vanessa Serena & Nate 90210 Naomi & Liam Silver & Teddy Adrianna & Gia Melrose Place (2009) Ella & Jonah Riley & Auggie Violet & Auggie David & Lauren Don't miss an all new Gossip Girl on Monday then all new 90210 and Melrose Place (2009) on Tuesday!

When is 90210's return date???

Does anyone know when 90210 is suppose to return. I miss this show!!!

90210 day today!

Yep that right Its the 9/02/10 today, so if you live in australia then today is 90210 day, how awesomeeee :)


If anyone knows when 90210 is coming back that would b kl thx

Contradictions in 90210

Ok, First of all I have to say this episode was brilliant, 90210 is really coming through these days. Second of all I noticed a few things. Firstly as far as I remeber, Jen told Ryan about her money problems at the end of the first season. And also, I only now remebered Kelly used to have a son, Sammy, what happened to him, somehow i dont remeber him being gone after some story arch, he just dissapeared. Am I wrong?

Good Going 90210...

I think this may have been the best epi all season...interestingly enough, Naomi wasn't prominently featured, hmm...unfortunately, though, her annoys-the-h*ll-out-of-me sister was shown more than I would have liked, and I'll be glad when Liam exposes her a** for the phony, lying manipulator that she is. Oh, and a round of applause for Debbie exposing that psycho Sasha and handing her walking papers...I think I was literally clapping on that part. I do think she should have told Dixon the truth, though, and that misstep will come back to bite her in the butt later... Other Thoughts: I don't like Teddy...he's just fake... Considering her interaction with that crazy she's got for a bf, I guess Annie's on her way to becoming a mentally-abused druggy. On a somewhat positive note, though, I guess it'll give her the opp to bond with Adrianna at some point...poor Ade : ( What did you think about the turn of events in this epi?

Where is this week's episode?

Was there an episode of 90210 this week?