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Naomi's sister is making me very suspicious... I think she might be just using Naomi for financial needs! Naomi bought the house AND furniture?! I was pretty shocked. How can a sister do that? Especially the way she glanced at Naomi after they had the whole "lying" thing. I know it's harsh, but I thought Naomi was going to make her sister leave. (Which she should have done!) Does anything think this way?

what is the song?

what is the song that is playing at the end of the episode 20 with adrianna and navid at the restaurant?

Liam, Liam, Liam

So I've said before that Liam is our new Dylan and I'm glad he's finally shown up:) This week he was just O_O of hotness. I know he acts like a jerk, but the way he played Ethan was pretty funny and smart at the same time. Even though he has his psycho moments, he seems to be one of the only ppl here with a brain. It may be wrong, but I love how he man handles Naomi. She's so use to being in control it's great to see someone knock her down a few pegs. I

90210 - Naomi & Annie A.K.A the new Brenda & Kelly???

Is it me or am i actually going crazy??? The whole Annie and Naomi friendship/storyline seems very similar to Brenda and Kelly's friendship/storyline right? BUT...isn't Naomi the new Brenda and Annie the new Kelly? Because in the original Beverly Hills 90210 show Brenda always had the guy first and then Kelly ALWAYS stole her best friends boyfriend right? This is exactly the same here in the 90210 spinoff...however the majority of the people make comparisons with Annie with Brenda and i don't understand why??? YES i understand she's the new girl with her family entering into the new high school,trying to fit in with everyone... blah blah blah but that's it!!! In my opinion she's not the new Brenda! What do you all think???

90210 'Okaeri, Donna': What'd you think of Donna's Return? - Featured

Oh the great return of Donna! While 'Okaeri, Donna' included Silver busy keeping it mellow with Kelly, Naomi, Ethan, and Liam spending their break with Habitat for Humanity, and Annie and Dixon spending their spring break advertising Dr Pepper and finding Dixon's mom, somehow in all that, Donna's return was the focus of the episode. I felt with Kelly and Brenda, and now Kelly and Donna, that it's awkward and forced to have them on the new 90210 as they spend most of their scenes talking about other characters played by actors who didn't agree to return, or talking about fictional things they were doing in all their time apart. I feel now as if Kelly's role in the show is more natural, so maybe we just need more time with other old school characters, but this episode of Donna's return was pretty much entirely awkwardly pushing the fictional fact that she was in Japan all this time, and making it so that she and David were separated so she could be on the show without him. Currently Tori Spelling is signed on to do a few episodes, and I'd assume she might agree to do more depending on how her storyline works out and how fans receive her character. So what did you think? Did you like Donna's return to Beverly Hills and do you want her to stick around or would you rather she do a few episodes and be done with it?

Dr Pepper

Does noone else notice the blatent advertising in this show? every single ep has some sort of reference to Dr Pepper, and this time it was even worse. In the UK they don't really do that sort of stuff, guess it's more normal in America but its weirdd!

what is wrong with the producers on 90210??


90210 Episode 17 - New guy Liam! Opinions please!

Ok ppl so what do you think of new guy Liam??? We all know he's an enigma...but we started to get to know more of him in this episode... So he's a misunderstood character who doesn't really let people in and is like a closed book, he doesn't care about other people's assumptions of him ...he's smart-full of sarcasm (but ppl don't know it as they judge him on the way he is), not really a bad boy he just has that tagged on him (he knows how to defend himself lets put it that way!) He is actually a gentleman he rescues Naomi from that creep! Very funny! Does he remind you of anyone??? DYLAN OF COURSE!!! Lets not get ahead of ourselves but he does create an image of Dylan right!? I could write more...as i never shut up...but lets hear what you ppl got to say???


She has turned psycho! I never expected 90210 to turn into a scary show.

The Most Annoying Character Ever!

Here we go :D Who annoys YOU? :) Which character makes you tremble with anger? These are my picks - the people that annoy me :), feel free to post someone I did not so I can add them! Annie from 90210 Tom Zarek from Battlestar Galactica Howard from The Big Bang Theory Lester from Chuck Roman from Big Love Debra from Dexter Mohinder from Heroes Peyton from One Tree Hill Vanessa from Gossip Girl Cook from Skins Dawn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer Riley from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles