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Gossip Girl or 90210?

So as of today I am officially caught up on my Gossip Girl , season 2, and have also seen all of the new 90210 (and thanks to my obsessed roommate, much of the old series). I have to say though, I am much more interested in Gossip Girl than the highschoolers of Beverly Hills; is it because the drama or the upper east side is more interesting than that of the california coast or perhaps for other reasons. When I first contemplated this question I thought maybe the (perceived) failures of 90210 was because of their efforts to incorporate the older generation and their own drama. I am not so sure that this is the case though, Gossip Girl definitely includes parents' issues (Lily and Rufus, Lily and Bart, Archibalds) and it does take up a considerable part of the show but it feels so much more natural to watch than in 90210. Now I am so unsure why I enjoy Gossip Girl more, maybe it is because it's not trying to remake a show from the 90s, or maybe because the whole style of the show is more put-together than 90210, which has a laid-back Californian style that might be a bit outdated. I also think that some of the issues they are trying to address on 90210 are outdated (teen sex, drugs, parents divorcing) and they are trying to cram everything possible into what has been half of one season. What do you guys think? Is there room for two high-school dramas? Albeit there is not much crossover with the two shows portraying very different worlds.

Tv Show Breaks

I was just wondering, does anyone have like a list or something that shows when all the tv shows (OTH, 90210 etc.) come back after their break, and was wondering if every show is takin a break?


it suckes man like this make us waiting bring the 12 th episode

where is the new episode

was there not a new episode this week ?

90210 Jan 6?

So I just watched a promo on the next episode of 90210 and Kelly and Brenda are talking about kids...Could Brenda be the one pregnant? And is it Hot Teachers? And what happens with Silver and Dixon and the new boy in town?? Can't wait. But why are they putting it off so long???

CW Look-A-Like-Contest!

Did you ever see someone who bears an amazing resemblance with a CW actor? Well - I sure did. Or didn't I? We all think that the Gossip Girl cast is unique. We wouldn't accept a justification like "I'm Chuck Bass" from anyone else but Ed Westwick. We wouldn't enjoy watching someone being as bitchy as Blair if it wasn't for Leighton Meester. A childish laugh like Serenas wouldn't be that great without Blake Lively. And as for Nate - well noone who seems to fall for girls so easily would still be so nice to look at if it wasn't for Chace Crawford. SEE PHOTOS OF LOOK-A-LIKE

Is 90210 getting good? Is Privileged not that great?

The answer to both the questions is: Yes. Well, kind of. When 90210 started I wasn't too happy. But I still watched it, mainly because it's a teen drama. Unless it's The Secret Life Of An American Teenager or something that bad, I'll keep watching any teen drama they throw my way. Anyway, my point is I didn't give up on 90210. Sure, it has it's not-so-good moments and has a teen cliche thrown around once in a while, but it's fun to watch the show, specially in the past few weeks. Now, I'm not saying it should get an Emmy for the Best Drama series but it's not as bad as people say, at least not anymore. The other new teen drama, Privileged, is good, but now........... continue reading

Jan 6?

Ok. i just a promo for the next episode; Hello, Goodbye, Amen and it says all new JANUARY 6th. What is up with that? Here's the link if you're interested in the promo: Please comment


What was with that random clip of Audiranna getting sick because she smelled a hot dog? What is she pregnant? Did they even do it?? lol And where is Navid in this episode...I like him and missed his face....