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Sexy Boy?

So personally I've never really understood the whole fascination with Nate from Gossip Girl, never finding him particularly attractive--just okay, really, the boy next door, more like. And, naturally, that spurred on a whole different internal conflict as I contemplated the obsession with the boy who really shouldn't take his shirt off which led me to my question: which current CW boy, regular characters only, gives your heart palpitations? Choices: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Will of Privileged, Ethan [90210], Navid [90210] personally, my vote goes to dean...

episode 3

Can someone please post the actual episode 3 the one that are there are all from last week

Ethan & Annie!

Am i the only one who is getting tired of waiting for Ethan and Annie to finally hook up??? They both have great chemistry together yet there are so many interruptions that causes them to stop from making a move on each other. For example in the 'Lucky Strike' episode Ethan and Annie were getting along like a house on fire... but annoying Ty comes in which halts Ethan from kissing Annie! Also Naomi and her crisis causes Annie to take a step back and let Ethan comfort Naomi... I AM GETTING REALLY ANNOYED WITH ALL THIS CHEMISRTY BETWEEN THEM PUT TO WASTE!!! Has anyone seen the promo for the 4th episode? If you're an Ethan and Annie fan you'll get very irritated because Annie is getting pretty hot and steamy with Ty and Ethan's back with Naomi again! Why can't things just be simple? But then again that is the whole point of these shows and why we all love it!!!

After episode 2

Well I retract what I said earlier of this new 90210, is going somewhere. I loved seeing Brenda again. Know who is the father of Kelly s son? Looking forward for next episode. Vivpicis : P


90210 is the hottest tv show out and it have a lot of drama it comes on cw on tuesday at 8:00pm


ok so someone told me that i did indeed watch both parts. but it came on tv in australia tonight and i thought well there is no point watching it because i have seen it. when i walked in the room there was a completely different bit on that i never saw. so tell me did i see the whole thing? it started with the family in the car on there way to the grandmas. and it finished on the beach after the party with the kids running around in the water. is that all that has been on? if not can somebody PLEASE direct me to where i can watch what i have missed without loading the whole thing again!!

90210 Music

I was wondering if anyone knew the names of the songs from Naomi's birthday & the last song from episode 2 (The Jet Set). My apologies, I know this isn't a discussion; I had no idea where else to post it.

good show, but..

did anyone else think that the girls were really, REALLY skinny? I thought they were way too thin! I don't think that kind of body image provides is a very good example for the younger girls who will be watching the show.

Rate It: What did you think of the 90210 Premiere?

I was definitely buying into the hype that the new 90210 was going to be good, but I still had some doubts that it could live up to alllll the hype - but I think it did! I haven't watched much of the original, Beverly Hills 90210, so if you were a fan, weigh in with your thoughts about if it measures up as a spinoff. And new fans, what did you think? I enjoyed it even more than I expected, so I'll give this newbie premiere a 9.5/10! Check out SideReel's premiere review: 90210 Premiere Reviewed: Believe the Hype! Photo courtesy of tvgasm.com


i really liked it which was surprising. i thought it was a great story line. but im confused, is it coming up the same episode for everyone else?? i went to watch episode 2 and it is the same as episode 1?? i'm from australia and we don't get it here (yet?) so i don't know what is going on?