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90210 Review: 9021-Over

Tonight we said goodbye to one of television's favorite zip codes. After an hour retrospective with the cast and crew of 90210  it was time for the series finale, " We All Fall Down ". Picking up right after last week's crazy cliffhanger , we dove right into the aftermath of the explosion at the theater. Since Adrianna was finishing her act as the stage started shaking, she ended up trapped in the rubble under the stage. With relief efforts accounting for everyone else, Navid ran back in and scrambled under a very shaky infrastructure to rescue the love of his life. As they awaited help (and somehow had cell service) they talked about how to proceed when they finally got rescued. At first Adrianna wanted to take it slow, get it right. But after a gas leak that endangered their lives even further, they decided that this was it. They were all in. Navianna forever! Read More... //

90210 Review: A Fresh Start

After finally getting some answers left by the " You Can't Win 'Em All " episode, 90210  left us off with another huge cliffhanger! Considering " Scandal Royale " was the penultimate episode of  90210 , they did have to go out with a bang. And a bang it was, literally. Adrianna is trapped on stage in a broken set that is about to burst into flames. Navid is backstage trying to get to her and Dixon is still in the theater. Read More... //

90210 Review: That's What Families Do

Too many cliffhangers!! On the latest episode of 90210 , Annie and Naomi must deal with the latest drama that Annie's novel has caused. Annie's ex client Patrick made an appearance on 90210 's New York episode and vowed to get revenge on the people Annie loves the most. Read More... //

90210 Review: Sex Scandals and The City

After last week's 90210  that I like to refer to as " Fifty Shades of Annie " lots of things were left with a question mark. " The Empire State Strikes Back " picked up precisely where we left off with Annie opening the door to her ex client/lover Patrick. Patrick's really upset that his wife might find out he used an escort and paid for sex. Boo effing hoo. Someone please find me the world's smallest violin.  Read More... //

90210 Review: Fifty Shades of Annie

We are officially in the homestretch for the final episodes of 90210 . In " A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl " Annie's book "Undressed" is poised to make a huge splash upon its release.  Who could be hired to throw such a sexy book release party? Naomi of course! After  Naomi's divorce , she threw herself headfirst into work. Of course, Naomi being Naomi, she linked up with a hot new client and found herself wanting to mix pleasure with business. I give her props for saying that she's a hot mess right now and not ready to jump into something. However, she didn't need to think of a way to keep Jordan (aka Quentin Fields from One Tree Hill )  interested in her post-event. Read More... //

90210 Season 5 Review “Dude, Where’s My Husband?” – The Poor Man’s Hangover

After a night of drunken debauchery, Naomi woke up married and spent the rest of the appropriately, if not entirely creatively, titled "Dude, Where’s My Husband?" looking for her unknown spouse in this week’s 90210. I’ll spare you the non-existent tension (and the potential ick factor) and say that it was not her brother as the previews implied, but herself. She married herself. Gay men and women in love can’t get married, but drunk divorcees can marry themselves. Oh, America. You so crazy. READ MORE...

90210 Review: First Wives Club

It's official, Naomi is divorced from Max. In " Dude, Where's My Husband? " our resident energetic blonde found herself in a deep funk after the arrival of her divorce papers. Leave it to Naomi to have her hair still look shiny and perfect when she's moping around in stain covered sweatpants!  What do you do when your best friend is down in the dumps and needs to get her creative party juices flowing? Throw a girls night! Don't these kids know any other bar besides The Offshore? I mean I know Navid gets free tacos, but he was the only one who wasn't even out. If you're trying to meet new people you have to mix it up a little! Read More... //

90210 Season 5 Review “Life’s a Beach” – And Then You Get Cancelled

I am really curious. Is anyone out there upset about the cancellation of 90210? I can’t say that it came as any huge surprise to me, especially after this week’s episode, "Life’s a Beach," in which Naomi schemed, Annie got self-righteous, Liam made terrible sexual choices, Adrianna got mostly naked, Silver bitched and Navid whined. In other words, the exact same thing they’ve all been doing for the past five years. I suppose if I were to be really fair I would have to point out that at least now, five years later, Annie and Naomi were able to work out their differences with something akin to sisterly love, whereas back in high school they would have hated each other for at least half a season. I guess that’s growth. READ MORE...

90210 Review: Brothers and Sisters

What would an episode of 90210 be if Naomi and Annie weren't trying to interfere in or control someone's life? In " Life's a Beach " the ladies went head to head about getting involved in their newfound half brother Mark 's life. Mark has definitely gotten a crash course in life with sisters, that's for sure! Annie randomly got Mark an amazing interview at a hot restaurant in NYC. Naomi was pissed because there was a possibility that her long lost half brother could be taken away. This is her only sibling. Who else is she supposed to bond with, Jen Clarke? No thanks! Read More... //

90210 Review: Welcome to 90210, What's Your Dream?

You know an episode of 90210 is just not getting it right when Navid is the only one I don't feel like slapping by the end. Okay I'm exaggerating but " Strange Brew " was a real Tease with a capital T. All that Lannie Lovefest in the promos for a steamy dream? Read More... //