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Silver and Ethan in the season finale of 90210???

How weird is that???? I'm totally freaking out! They look good together though.. but it is extremely life-altering!!! And I didn't understand what happened to Liam... who were those guys? No no... freaking out about Silver and Ethan.


Ummm..i'd just like to point out that while Annie did hit something (NOT necessarily a person...although it did look like it) and she did 'run', there is no real proof that she hit/killed a person...and, if it was a person, where did they come from?? whoever/whatever it was, it had to already be on the road when she hit it coz the street was clear until we heard the bump... ALSO... We only saw her starting at the bottle of vodka...i dont believe we actually ever saw her drink from it...it looked pretty full to me...lol...or am i mistaken? did they actually show her drink from it?

90210 Finale

truthfully i've never really thought that music was a good part of 90210 it just sort of transitioned between storylines but thats besides the point. did anyone else notice that the ending song when adrianna is giving up her baby was one of the most known songs that was played on one tree hill? It just seems weird that the cw would use the same song twice. Also on another topic....Adrianna's adoptive parents named the kid maisy or daisy or something?? Really...? Becuase thats a sucky name...they should have named her Ade or something. Predictions/Reactions: Also i think that it would be very weird if ethan were booted off the show from Annie running him over....(even though i hate Shenae Grimes's acting and if her character went to jail and left the show it would make me cry tears of joy) realistically she would never be able buy her way out of vehicular homicide when she was under the influence of alcohol. Also i think that Liam will tell Naomi that it was Jen but Naomi wont believe him since he just cheated on her and its her sister were talking about. I also really hope that Dixon and Silver stay together because before the bipolar attack they were the second cutest couple on the show... besides Navid and Adrianna of course. I also dont know how Annie is going to live through the social suicide that she just committed by calling the cops on Naomi's party hmmmm...also FINALLY we got to see Naomi and Annie go at it since everyone can tell that they hate each other in real life during the fight scene we acutally got some real emotions out of them rather than the fake omg we love each other attitude. Also Ty coming and being all nice after him and Navid got in a fist fight?? Not so believable... lastly the fact that Mr and Mrs Wilson ate pot brownies was hilarious and added a light note to a mostly dark finale.

finale ending????

umm what was up with the ending of this episode??/ they showed the license plate like it was important??? i wasnt a fan of the original show bc well i was like 7 lol so any feedback would be great


Naomi's sister is making me very suspicious... I think she might be just using Naomi for financial needs! Naomi bought the house AND furniture?! I was pretty shocked. How can a sister do that? Especially the way she glanced at Naomi after they had the whole "lying" thing. I know it's harsh, but I thought Naomi was going to make her sister leave. (Which she should have done!) Does anything think this way?

what is the song?

what is the song that is playing at the end of the episode 20 with adrianna and navid at the restaurant?

Liam, Liam, Liam

So I've said before that Liam is our new Dylan and I'm glad he's finally shown up:) This week he was just O_O of hotness. I know he acts like a jerk, but the way he played Ethan was pretty funny and smart at the same time. Even though he has his psycho moments, he seems to be one of the only ppl here with a brain. It may be wrong, but I love how he man handles Naomi. She's so use to being in control it's great to see someone knock her down a few pegs. I

90210 'Okaeri, Donna': What'd you think of Donna's Return? - Featured

Oh the great return of Donna! While 'Okaeri, Donna' included Silver busy keeping it mellow with Kelly, Naomi, Ethan, and Liam spending their break with Habitat for Humanity, and Annie and Dixon spending their spring break advertising Dr Pepper and finding Dixon's mom, somehow in all that, Donna's return was the focus of the episode. I felt with Kelly and Brenda, and now Kelly and Donna, that it's awkward and forced to have them on the new 90210 as they spend most of their scenes talking about other characters played by actors who didn't agree to return, or talking about fictional things they were doing in all their time apart. I feel now as if Kelly's role in the show is more natural, so maybe we just need more time with other old school characters, but this episode of Donna's return was pretty much entirely awkwardly pushing the fictional fact that she was in Japan all this time, and making it so that she and David were separated so she could be on the show without him. Currently Tori Spelling is signed on to do a few episodes, and I'd assume she might agree to do more depending on how her storyline works out and how fans receive her character. So what did you think? Did you like Donna's return to Beverly Hills and do you want her to stick around or would you rather she do a few episodes and be done with it?

what is wrong with the producers on 90210??


90210 Episode 17 - New guy Liam! Opinions please!

Ok ppl so what do you think of new guy Liam??? We all know he's an enigma...but we started to get to know more of him in this episode... So he's a misunderstood character who doesn't really let people in and is like a closed book, he doesn't care about other people's assumptions of him ...he's smart-full of sarcasm (but ppl don't know it as they judge him on the way he is), not really a bad boy he just has that tagged on him (he knows how to defend himself lets put it that way!) He is actually a gentleman he rescues Naomi from that creep! Very funny! Does he remind you of anyone??? DYLAN OF COURSE!!! Lets not get ahead of ourselves but he does create an image of Dylan right!? I could write more...as i never shut up...but lets hear what you ppl got to say???