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Naomi's Sexual Harassment Storyline - Who is at fault?

Is anyone else having a similar reaction to the Naomi sexual harassment storyline?...while she obviously made a poor decision in lying about what he said, did anyone get the feeling that for him to ask her "did you just offer to sleep with me?' is really inappropriate anyways? i was surprised by the question when i watched the scene; it did not appear to me that she was propositioning him or really even flirting, just wanting to get her way as usual. and even if she was, if you were a teacher and a student was doing that...the smartest/most appropriate move would not be to be the first one to mention sex or inappropriate conduct, right? why even plant the seed (no pun intended)? if he had just said, Naomi, my decision is final and I have work to go, please leave, or something...who would have cared whether she was trying to flirt with him or not? he is the adult/professional in the situation and is expected most of all to conduct himself as such. Thoughts please?