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In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it... whether you like it or not.
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Jul 31, 2019 5:00PM EDT

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This show rises on the charm of its host, Adam who always manages to just find the right balance of snarky-friendly-informative without doing too much of any one of those. Along with his merry band of actors the show is always fun to watch and learn from. Sure he might beat the hell out of things we've been taught for years, but he does so in away that is never offensive, insulting or heavy handed...but it is always informative, entertaining and often hilarious.


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