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NBC Cancels 'Allegiance' After 5 Episodes

NBC is not pledging allegiance to Allegiance . After just five low-rated episodes, the new drama has been cancelled effective immediately.   Read More... //

Allegiance 1x05 - Promo "Tipping Point"

Alex is confronted with the reality of his family's past just as his integrity is questioned at work. The FBI suspects a mole in the organization and brings in Special Agent Faber to investigate. Faced with testifying under oath and submitting to a polygraph test, Alex must for the first time fight against his own moral standards. Meanwhile, Victor finds a new way to keep tabs on the O'Connors, and Natalie makes a critical mistake while tracking down a lead. Airs Thursday March 05 on NBC.

Allegiance 1x04 - Promo "Chasing Ghosts"

The Rezident doubts Mark and Katya's commitment to the cause; Natalie makes a discovery. Airs Thursday Feb. 26 on NBC.

'Allegiance' Interview: Scott Cohen on How Far They Will Go To Protect Their Son

During the Cold War, the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union was at its peak with spies on both sides. The espionage between the US and Russia may not be as prevalent as it once was, but it still exists.   Read More... //

Allegiance 1x02 Promo "Teamwork"

Katya manipulates Alex and makes him think he's mistaken when he almost exposes his parents as spies, but her lies lead to a rift in the family. Meanwhile, Victor is warned to keep the O'Connors under control; and Alex teams up with an FBI agent. Airs Thursday Feb. 12 on NBC.

Allegiance Sneak Peek: Alex Puts His Lying, Spying Parents On the Spot

On Thursdays Allegiance (NBC, 10/9c), Alexs parents, Katya and Mark, will scramble to hide their secret Russian spy lives with more lies. But their sons Beautiful Mind-like recall of past events makes piecing together a plausible cover story extremely difficult, as youll seein the following exclusive video. When Alex points out the inaccuracies in Katyas [] //

Allegiance 1x01 - Pilot Promo

In the series premiere of this drama, a CIA rookie gets his first case and unknowingly investigates his parents, who are part of a Russian sleeper cell. Airs Thursday Feb. 05 on NBC.

Will NBC Alter Allegiance Premiere Opening Scene In Light Of ISIS Execution?

The debut of new NBC Russian spy drama Allegiance   enjoyed an  unexpected tie-in last week when the Department of Justice announced the arrest of an alleged Russian spy posing as a Manhattan banker as part of a Russian spy ring-busting operation. But the  Allegiance  premiere Thursday now faces unfortunate timing in light of yesterdays release of ahorrific execution video of a Jordanian pilot who was allegedly burnt alive at the hands of ISIS .   Read More... //

NBC's Allegiance Isnt The Americans Says Producer

The producer of NBC's upcoming series Allegiance, about Russian spies living among us, addresses The Americans comparisons.   Read More... //

Espionage hits home in NBC's 'Allegiance'

When the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, happened, Scott Cohen recalls, the actor's son Liam was just 5 years old and had a particularly traumatizing view of the day's events.   Read More... //