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Georgie and Poppy Carlton Return to BBC America in an All-New Season of "Almost Royal" is streaming episode one now for a very special sneak peak.  Read More... //

Almost Royal Renewed For Second Season By BBC America

BBC America has picked up a second season of its original comedy series Almost Royal . It centers on young British aristocrats Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy Carlton (Amy Hoggart) as they travel the U.S. showing the world what America looks like from a British point of view. In Season 2, Georgie and Poppy, the 57th and 58th in line to the throne, continue their examination of American culture, exploring subjects like beauty, holidays, sport and law and order. BBC America //

Almost Royal (BBC America) Season Finale 2014 “Nashville”

Almost Royal  episode 7 “Nashville” airs Saturday, July 26th at 10PM on BBC America. Episode Synopsis:  Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 7 “Nashville” – Yee Haw! The regal Carlton siblings are in Nashville, Tennessee. Poppy seizes the opportunity to launch herself as a country-pop fusion star, whilst Georgie gets bitten by a fish and has an embarrassing confession to make upon coming face-to-face with an American icon (and the subject of his adolescent fantasies). Read More... //

Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 6 “Washington, DC”

Almost Royal  episode 6 “Washington, DC” airs Saturday, July 19th at 10PM on BBC America. Episode Synopsis:  Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 6 “Washington, DC” – Aristocratic British siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton are in Washington D.C., reaching to the very heart of American politics. As well as hiring themselves a Capitol speechwriter and meeting with a rather easily-distracted congressman, they help out in a food kitchen, and come face to face with some gun toting gals. Then, a night at the opera ends with something precious left behind. Read More... //

Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 5 “Detroit”

Almost Royal  episode 5 “Detroit” airs Saturday, July 12th at 10PM on BBC America. Episode Synopsis:  Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 5 “Detroit” – Intrepid British aristocrats Georgie and Poppy Carlton receive a real culture shock when they visit Detroit. They ruin their manicures working as car mechanics, help smash up a derelict house, get caught up in a rap battle, brush up on their ballet twirls, and end up in a wrestling ring in front of a hostile audience… Read More... //

Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 4 “New York”

Almost Royal  episode 4 “New York” airs Saturday, July 5th at 10PM on BBC America. Episode Synopsis:  Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 4 “New York” – True Brits Georgie and Poppy have arrived in a very chilled New York. A local hipster in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood introduces them to the art of proper coffee making, they are relieved to discover that a ‘selfie’ isn’t what they feared it was, and Poppy makes an unforgettable appearance at New York Fashion Week. Read More... //

Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 3 “Texas”

Almost Royal  episode 3 “Texas” airs Saturday, June 28th at 10PM on BBC America. Episode Synopsis:  Almost Royal (BBC America) Episode 3 “Texas” – Britain’s most regal aristocrats – Georgie and Poppy Carlton – embrace the Texan way of life. When they’re not saddling up on a ranch or embracing the culture, they’re hitting the studio to record their own Tejano music and bidding at an auction for cattle semen. There’s also a chance to be thrown in the air by a team of cheerleaders and to get under the skin of the local taxidermist. Read More... //

'Almost Royal's' dim faux aristocrats are mostly funny on BBC America

"Almost Royal," which premieres Saturday on BBC America, is a prank sitcom in the spirit of Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G, (which is in turn in the spirit of Chris Morris' great "Brass Eye," which also influenced, or anyway predated "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart era). The deal: Actors engage... //

A taste of BBC America's 'Almost Royal'

"Almost Royal" is BBC America's fish-out-of-water comedy that centers on two actors posing as bottom-rung royal siblings touring the U.S., with the Americans they encounter not in on the ruse.   Read More... //

Nothing Is Sacred in BBC America’s ‘Almost Royal’ (And It’s Awesome)

BBC America’s first original comedy/reality series  Almost Royal , premiering with back-to-back episodes tonight, Saturday, June 21st at 10PM, is a squirm-inducing exercise in embarrassment humor for all parties involved. The series follows British aristocrats Poppy (Amy Hoggart) and Georgie (Ed Gamble) Carlton, who are the 51st and 50th in line to the Throne, respectively. The siblings embark on a journey across America to fulfill the wish of the dead father who died tragically when he accidentally shot himself in the face when his bullet ricocheted off of a no shooting sign. (“It was a terrible waste of a life…and a sign,” Georgie deadpans.) Read More... //