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Meet the Top 20 of American Idol Season 12

Check out the Top 20 singers moving on to the live shows in season 12 of American Idol . //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/meet-the-top-20-of-american-idol-season-12-44890.aspx

'American Idol' Top 20 men continue to underwhelm - is 'Idol' trying to ensure a girl wins?

After how weak the men were last week and the ridiculous pick of Zoanette last night, we are kind of dreading "American Idol" tonight, fans. Let's hope this final group in Las Vegas can be as strong as the first round of women. The judges are introduced and once again, Mariah Carey has on a very low-cut top. You'd think after her nip slip, she'd rein those puppies in a little better. 1. Mathenee Treco, "A Little Less Conversation," ElvisThis is a really fun song, but it's not a song for a vocalist. The melody has about four notes and the lyrics are too fast, plus he has slowed it down, which does make the lyrics a little easier to understand, but it makes the song lose a lot of its fun swagger. This is very karaoke and his falsetto stuff is all over the place. This should (hopefully) not be one of the best... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/02/american-idol-top-20-men-continue-to-underwhelm---is-idol-trying-to-ensure-a-girl-wins.html