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ANTM: Who Will Be on Top?

Tonight is the finale of Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model (I've said this once and I'll say it again...I want a Top Model All Stars edition; 11 Top Models are too many) at 8PM on The CW . So...time to let those predictions fly. Who will take home the title? I would be surprised if the top 2 are anyone besides McKey and Analeigh; Samantha has already slid through elimination more times than she arguably should have. Between McKey and Analeigh...I am going to stick with my original prediction and say McKey, but both girls are definitely strong contenders. Share your predictions for the Cycle 11 winner below! Image Source


can someone please upload the links????? Why does it take so long for episodes of antm to upear on this site?


can someone please upload the links????? Why does it take so long for episodes of antm to upear on this site?

Your Favorite Girl

Who's your favourite girl so far in antm cycle 11? my top 3 fav girls are Analeigh, Clark and Sheena! (: edited(1st Nov) i now kinda dislike Elina after watching the last few episodes, im just rooting for Analeigh and mckey now.

ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 2 Elimination Not Fair

I was disappointed that Isis was one of the bottom two in this episode but was not eliminated. Yes, Nikeyshia looks as though she is suffering from anorexia but was it fair that she lost to Isis? Yes, Isis creates buzz for "America's Next Top Model." Yes, Isis does know her craft. But Isis is still technically a male. Visit to find out what I believe to be a contradictory statement made by Tyra on this issue.

Lauren *tear tear*

Lauren went home!!!!!!!! Anyone else not happy about this? I wanted her to win. She should have stayed over Whitney. Confidence can be learned, it comes with time and experience. Fakeness is much hared to lose, it's more difficult to learn how to be real.

Top 3.

I think the top 3 will be; Anya, Laurn and Fatima... It's not what I had hoped, but that's probbly what it will be... At first I didn't like Laurn (at all!!!) but, she grew on me now I'm hoping she'll win or get 2nd. She's getting more confidence. Fatima is so beautiful but, WOW SHE IS SKI-NEY!!! Who do you hope wins?


So I'm not really sure if this little blurb is supposed to go here but whatever. I juat have to ask, does anyone else find Anya incredibly annoying? I cannot stand that she keeps winning, she takes good pictures but I honestly don't find her pretty at all and her voice annoys the heck out of me. Those are just my thoughts. =]

where is the newest ANTM episode ??

i heard that they showed antm cycle 10 episode 6 on wednesday on normal tv, but i missed it. and it's taking some time [no offence] to get it on sidereel. i must say that i'm desperately impatient for a chance to see it ! so, anyone, pleeease add a link, etc. ? or, if that's not possible, where else can i watch it ? thank you.