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Truthfully....I haven't seen the finale yet but here is my 2 cents

Truthfully....I think that the judges already have in mind who is going to be the next Top Model. The show itself is just a ruse to get us to watch. Do you ever feel like you can predict who is going home next or who is going to be in the bottom 2 each week. Just look for the girl that Jay Manuel criticizes the most and they will be guaranteed to be in the bottom two mark my words. For it to be a reality show it is just getting to be predictable. I believe that America's next top model should be voted on by America not the judges and then it would truly be AMERICA's Next Top Model. And I love Tyra to death but sometimes her antics can be a little over the top for me. Some of the girls chosen, while beautiful I don't feel are model material. I am glad that they try to chose women who represent all facets of beauty, even a transgendered female, however when it comes to mainstream marketing they are going to chose the person who is most marketable for that season. Black is in, lets choose a black girl, big is in lets chose a full figured girl. It just wasn't the season for the tall awkward girl(Marjorie). Now she took beautiful photos but when it came to actually walking a runway the girl was a disaster. Not to be mean but she made me nervous. And although her nervousness made you love her character it wouldn't work in the industry because I don't think they would have had the patience to deal with her. So now I think that this season, Mckey's look is in. The edgy girl who is into boxing can be made into someone sexy. The young innocent look is out right now and so Annaleigh probably won't win. I haven't watched the final episode yet so we'll see. But its just like American Idol....which always proves you don't have to be on top to come out on top. And if I am wrong I will stand humbly corrected

ANTM: Who Will Be on Top?

Tonight is the finale of Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model (I've said this once and I'll say it again...I want a Top Model All Stars edition; 11 Top Models are too many) at 8PM on The CW . So...time to let those predictions fly. Who will take home the title? I would be surprised if the top 2 are anyone besides McKey and Analeigh; Samantha has already slid through elimination more times than she arguably should have. Between McKey and Analeigh...I am going to stick with my original prediction and say McKey, but both girls are definitely strong contenders. Share your predictions for the Cycle 11 winner below! Image Source

ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 2 Elimination Not Fair

I was disappointed that Isis was one of the bottom two in this episode but was not eliminated. Yes, Nikeyshia looks as though she is suffering from anorexia but was it fair that she lost to Isis? Yes, Isis creates buzz for "America's Next Top Model." Yes, Isis does know her craft. But Isis is still technically a male. Visit to find out what I believe to be a contradictory statement made by Tyra on this issue.