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Five Things You Didnt Know about the Show Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens I have to admit it, as much as I think the theories the show presents are mostly nonsense I cant help but find it entertaining, maybe even a bit mesmerizing. Many nights Ive caught myself completely enthralled in back to back episodes of the show. Love it or hate it, its pretty addictive, which is why its one of the most popular and longest running shows on the History Channel. But although the show is ultra popular theres still a lot of things fans dont know about the Ancient Aliens TV series. Here are 5 of them 1.   ...Read More... //

Why Ancient Aliens Might Be The Funniest Show on TV

For the first season or so, the  History Channel show Ancient Aliens  was awesome. It showed and taught a lot of non-believers some interesting things about the un-explainable history of our world, and some of the stranger locations around the world that some think are alien in origin. It was a fun and interesting ride. But then something happened. The show (which should have a Cosmos style mini-series) just kept going. At first the show was like: These two dozen, two hundred thousand pound stones were moved into a certain shape by God knows what, long before we had the means to do it. Their conclusion to all of this was aliens. Fine. That worked for us a few times. Now, many seasons deep, and the show is clearly grasping at straws. Read More... //