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ADV lost DVD Right to Shows??

I dont know about U fans out there but I've been going crazy looking for a complete dvd release of Andromeda. I found it on Amazon but now where else. So I googled and someone posted up that they lost the rights to the show. is this true??? Is this why we can't buy it on DVD. Thats DUMB to me. All the shows are Farscape, Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict, Beastmaster and Mutant X. Help me Emails all the studios to buy the rights and put theses shows on DVD & Blu-ray for us to enjoy again.

Where is Lexa Doig????

Is it just me or is it like she fell off the face of the Earth as a SciFi Hottie? There no Myspace, no Facebook, or even a Website. I would expect that someone like her should at least still have a site for her fans. What I would really love to see is her in a Starring role in a new Scifi series. Michael Shanks gets all the attention with Stargate...how about U let your wife work for a while Mike?