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oh, no, no, no, no

ok based on the live action episode (s6e10) it gave the impression they weren't going to make any more of this show, which would really upset me. I love aqua teen, its a sweet effing show. does anyone know if they are cancelling the show or not? please say no

anyone see this episode?

Hey All, I was wondering if anyone saw tonights episode of ATHF? If so, how was it?! There's still no links up yet, so I'll be waiting patiently ;).

New Catagory

New catagory for I-Tunes esclusive episodes, it's getting annoying to see 50 percent of the episodes I-Tunes and 50 percent not I-Tunes. There are amazon exclusive catagories, I've seen other exclusive catagories for similar places, I've even seen I-TUNES EXCLUSIVE CATAGORIES on other shows. And stop with the (Awesome) crap, none of those links work and the episode name shouldn't have (Awesome) after it and this goes with "spacecate' or whatever and (HD Flash). There's no way you can know that every link is HD, stick to the episode number and name and that's it. I swear each page should have an official moderator to stop this shit. And every episode from 'Videoonclick' for ATHF is broken so don't use that as a link. I would do all this stuff myself but all I know how to do is delete links pretty much so I can't.


This is sick! sick I tell you!