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Archer Video: Cheryl's Twisted Plan for Baby AJ Involves... Ra's al Ghul?

In case Archer and Lana were ever considering Cheryl as a potential sitterfortheir daughter, these 57 seconds of nonstop nonsense are sure to change their minds. TVLine has an exclusive clip from the FX series upcomingsixth season Blu-ray release officially on sale Tuesday, March 29 which finds Judy Greers character brainstorminga series of [] //

Archer Pays Homage to Magnum, P.I. Watch the Season 7 Teaser

Archeris no stranger to 1980s cop show parodies. Having previouslychanneled Miami Vice inSeason 5, the animated comedy is now setting its crosshairs on Magnum, P.I. The recently released Season 7 teaser pays homage to the iconic Tom Selleck series with a shot-by-shot recreation of itsopening title sequence. Dont believe us? Have a look at this [] //

'Archer' returns with a 'Magnum P.I.' homage that will make you howl

With season seven of 'Archer' starting in March, the trailers for the show are starting to arrive, and their 'Magnum P.I.' riff is a lunatic delight.   Read More... //

Archer Sets Season 7 Premiere Date

Archer has gotten its season seven premiere date from FX, network CEO John Landgraf announced Saturday at a TCA executive session. The animated spy comedy features the voice of H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, the top agent at an international intelligence agency, formerly known as ISIS, run by his mother (Jessica Walter). In response to the real-world Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has been shortened to ISIS in the media, the FX animated series will be abandoning that acronym on the show.   Read More... //

Which Animated Shows Should I Try? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered

Welcome back to Stay Tuned, Vulture's TV advice column. Each Wednesday, Margaret Lyons answers your questions about your various TV triumphs and woes. Need help? Have a theory? Want a recommendation? Submit a question! You can email or tweet @margeincharge with the hashtag #staytuned . Am I missing out by not watching animated shows? I know they can't be lumped together just because they're animated, but I've never been into animation on the whole and worry I'm unfairly discounting some good stuff. I've never tried Archer, Rick & Morty , and other shows people rave about. Recently I watched BoJack Horseman , though, and loved it the character development is so well done, and the women on the show had their own interesting story arcs. I've never been into the "everything stays the same" mode a lot of animated shows use. Is BoJack just super great? What else am I missing? Monika BoJack is super great, so it's not totally fair to measure other shows by its standards, but in general: Yeah, you're missing out by not watching animated shows. Archer doesn't have the depth and pathos of BoJack , but it is hilarious and it has season-long arcs where things do substantively change episode to episode. Rick & Morty is more episodic, but it does have real emotional range. If you like mythology series, give Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra a go. (Start with Avatar .) Read More...

Archer Cast on Season 7: Espionage, Giant Animals and... Cocaine Pies?

If you had told us, prior to San Diego Comic-Con 2015, that the cast of Archer would be the toughest group to get spoilers from, we wouldnt have believed you. But as you will findin Michael Ausiellos Q&A with the actors including Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell and Jessica Walter the voices [] //

FXX to Air Special Mini-Marathon of "Archer's" Greatest Loves

Sterling Archer is reflecting on some of his greatest loves from the past with a special mini-marathon airing Saturday, September 26 from 10 PM - 1 AM ET/PT.   Read More... //

Archer Moving to FXX for Season 7

Archer's switching to FXX for its seventh season, to be paired with a brand new Adam Reed animated series about post-apocalyptic female bandits.   Read More.... //

FX Fall Premiere Dates

FX announced series return dates for anticipated anthology series American Horror Story and Fargo as well as a premiere date for Sons of Anarchy creator's new series The Bastard Executioner . FX's entry into the medieval genre, The Bastard Executioner (10 episodes) will air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. starting September 15. American Horror Story (13 episodes), adding Lady Gaga to its star-studded cast, airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. beginning October 7. Fargo , currently rebooting for the second season, will premiere Monday, October 12, at 10 p.m. Additionally, FX summer horror hit, The Strain , has been renewed for a third season and animated espionage comedy Archer will be moving to FXX for its new season next year. p { text-align: justify; }

FX's Archer releases tribute to Woodhouse actor

FXs Archer team has released an in-memoriam tribute video to the late actor George Coe, who performed the voice of Sterlings long-suffering (and occasionally heroin addicted) butler Woodhouse. The 86-year-old actor died earlier this week. Here are some of Woodhouses finest moments on... //