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The Best in Soaps 2010

Best Soap: The Bold and the Beautiful How can one show be both gloriously uplifting and dirty as hell? That's the marvel of B&B! After back-to-back Emmy wins as best soap, this CBS serial should make it three in a row thanks to its daring lung-cancer plot involving big mama Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) who nearly chose death over life. Episodes with Stephanie visiting the homeless on L.A.'s Skid Row, and giving them a chance to tell their life stories, made for important and transcendent TV. At the same time, B&B shocked us silly with its trashy, oh-no-they-didn't scandals — young Oliver accidentally shtupping Brooke (his girlfriend's mother!) at a masquerade party; Brooke's slow-burning attraction to her stepson Thomas — and that made us realize how dreadfully safe and sane other soaps have become. B&B is not without its problems, and they are major. Executive producer-head writer Brad Bell has a horrible habit of casting his young stars for sexiness, rather than acting chops — in fact, some of the kids on this show are achingly, gaspingly bad. Bell also fails some of his finest actors, most notably Emmy winners Heather Tom (Katie) and Sarah Brown (Agnes), by giving them little to do that's meaty and worthy of their talent. But we forgive! This mind-imploding mix of the sacred and profane is fresh, freaky, dazzling entertainment. We can't ask for more than that. To Read More Click Here.

As the World Turns' series finale: So long, good people of Oakdale! You will be missed

Bob retired from the hospital, Casey took off to law school, and Barbara dissolved her partnership with Paul - but what happened in today's episode of CBS As the World Turns wasn't nearly as significant as the reason behind all those major life changes for the folks of Oakdale. Today was the 13,858th and final episode of the venerable soap opera, which was canceled last year because of low ratings. Clearly, the writers took great care to keep things happy and optimistic for all the characters: Janet asked Jack to be Lorenzo's godfather, Carly looked forward to having another baby, Chris proposed to Katie, and Lucinda and John reunited. Everyone goes on to live happily ever after! (Except, it seems, for poor Luke). But it was hard not to get a little misty-eyed while watching Don Hastings, as Bob Hughes, take one last look around his hospital office. The scene was particularly poignant because, as Kathryn Hays told EW, they did it with the entire cast and crew watching from behind the cameras. I don't think there should be goodbyes,” her character, Kim, tells Bob before he leaves the gig for good. “Just goodnight. So my sweetheart, it's time to have fun. There's nothing particularly fun about watching the lights go out for good on another daytime soap. But at least the cast of As the World Turns got the chance to present one last love letter to its (dwindling but devoted) fan base. Let's hope those viewers will transfer their affection to another sudser so the genre will stay alive and well. So did you watch the finale? Source Here

'As the World Turns' Finale Tribute: The Soap Opera's Top 20 Moments

Narrowing down the thousands of memorable moments to a mere 20 from 54 years of 'As the World Turns' is no easy feat. It's especially tough to do since actors on the show are still turning in powerhouse performances. (Note to Kathryn Hays: Your performance as Kim dealing with her son Chris' heart condition on Sept. 2 was Emmy-worthy. Consider submitting yourself next year.) There were many shocking moments and storylines that didn't make the list: Hal and Barbara's love story, Jack accidentally killing Brad, Bob and Kim finding Sabrina, John and Lucinda in the hot tub, Shannon's "shrunken head," Tom and Margo battling Mr. Big, Tad Channing's murder ... well, you get the idea. Read on for a list of 20 memorable favorite moments from the beloved CBS soap opera, which will exit the airwaves on Fri, Sept. 17. To Read More Click Here .

As the World Turns Gives Colleen Zenk a Fitting Farewell

So you think your life's a soap opera? Tell it to Colleen Zenk! Few daytime actors are as beloved and admired as this brave As the World Turns star, who has survived a very public battle with deadly oral cancer and recently filed for divorce from her husband of 23 years, ex-ATWT actor Mark Pinter, on grounds of infidelity and abandonment. Oh, yeah, and her soap got canceled, too. (ATWT's final episode airs this Friday, Sept. 17 on CBS.) TV Guide Magazine spoke with Zenk, a real-life mother of six, as she's about to end her 32-year run as Oakdale firecracker Barbara Ryan. Prepare to be inspired. To Read More Click Here .

Byrne Noticed

This is a particularly sad week for soap fans because 'As the World Turns' will be airing its last episode on Fri., Sept. 17. One star who will not be appearing in the final week, however, is Martha Byrne. Martha created and will be forever known as Lily Sndyer ... but for the past two years Noelle Beck has played the role. In an amazing revelation, Beck volunteered to step aside so that Martha could return to the show for continuity's sake and give Lily fans a fitting finale. It was a truly generous gesture -- one not taken by the soap -- but Martha Byrne heard about it. She told TV Guide, "I was aware of this offer by Noelle after the show was canceled. It was a very unselfish act on her part." Source here

Eileen Fulton Says Farewell to As the World Turns

CBS's As the World Turns will end its landmark run on Friday. What better way to say goodbye than to let the fearless, unsinkable Eileen Fulton - now in her 50th year playing Lisa - cut loose one last time! TV Guide Magazine: Fans are hurting bad over the cancellation. How was it for you guys to wrap it up? Fulton: Terrible! I have never been so relieved to leave a place in my life as I was on that last day! I took my picture of my dog, Geraldine Page, and my radio and my damn bedroom slippers and walked out of my dressing room, got in the car and said "Thank God!" It was very hard for everyone. People got extraordinarily depressed. They were tearing down the sets as we were trying to do our final scenes. We had to ask them to stop hammering so we could act. Then there was the fire. To Read More Click Here .

Julie Pinson dives into River

Daytime Emmy winner Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone) has signed on to appear in the upcoming online drama series, River Ridge. Pinson will conclude her two-year run on As the World Turns when the series concludes its run on September 17. In addition to her work on As the World Turns, Pinson has appeared on three other daytime drama series: Days of our Lives, Port Charles, and The Young and the Restless. In joining River Ridge, Pinson will appear on-screen with fellow soap stars Signy Coleman (Hope Wilson, The Young and the Restless), Beth Ehlers (ex-Taylor Thompson, All My Children; ex-Harley Cooper, Guiding Light), and Frank DiCopoulos (ex-Frank Cooper, Guiding Light). Also slated to appear are Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott, One Tree Hill), Hudson Leick (Callisto, Xena: Warrior Princess), and newcomers Seth Ford and Matt McAbee. To Read More Click Here .

'As the World Turns': Kathryn Hays, a.k.a. Kim Hughes, reflects on final day of taping

We obtained this exclusive shot of Kathryn Hays (Kim Hughes) and Don Hastings (Bob Hughes) from As the World Turns last day of taping in June. In preparation for the soap's series finale on Sept. 17, we talked to Hays about those final hours on the soap's Brooklyn set and what it was like to say goodbye: The last day was poignant, and what was so incredible about it was how we shot pretty much in order that day. As each group finished with a scene, that would be the end of their involvement. But it wasn't like tomorrow was another show, so the studio got really full. By the time they got to our scenes with Don and myself, there was hardly any room for cameras or the boom. In a way, it felt like being in a theater. We don't normally have an audience. The stage manager asked if it was going to be a problem for us, but we both said no. It was like everybody's arm was around us. It was absolutely incredible, there was not a sound. It was like everyone was holding their breath. In a way, we were all doing it together. When we finished, Don and I both spoke a little bit to everybody, and the whole As the World Turns family moved to the other end of big studio where they had the world's longest table set up, covered with champagne glasses. To Read More Click Here .

'As the World Turns' Farewell Party in Pics

Before "As the World Turns" concludes its run on September 17, the stars would like to have one final celebration. Terri Colombino, Mick Hazen, Austin Peck, Eileen Fulton and others joined executive producer Christopher Goutman at The Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, August 18 night for a farewell party. After more than 5 decades on television, "As the World Turns" which catapulted the career of Julianne Moore, is coming to an end. CBS announced the cancellation based on the declining rating. The producers also failed to secure a new home for the soap drama. To Read More Click Here .

Elizabeth Hubbard Looks Back at Her Wild Ride on As the World Turns

It's bad enough we have to say goodbye to As the World Turns next month, but the thought of not having Elizabeth Hubbard on TV is just too much to bear! A member of daytime royalty and a two-time Emmy winner, Hubbard plays Oakdale megamogul Lucinda Walsh with a fresh, freewheeling inventiveness that always makes her scenes unpredictable and a little bit dangerous. Hubbard demands that we watch her every move with rapt attention - even after 26 years in the part - and that means she doesn't always obey the producers and stick to the script. We spoke with the ballsy, irrepressible Hubbard about all things ATWT - the cancellation, her upcoming reunion with Larry Bryggman (Dr. John Dixon) and what it's like to drive her bosses batty! To Read More Click Here .