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Avatar: The Last Airbender

I have just refreshed on Book 1, and am currently refreshing on Book 2. Then catching up on any episodes I've missed in time for the movie. Myself and a group of friends are dressing up for a midnight showing.

"The Last Aribender" YOUR THOUGHTS

I've read many opinions on the movie, with half leaning on SUCK and half on SUCCESS. What do you think? (open question) and why? Personally, I'll see the movie the day it comes out and rate it then but so far from what I've seen, it is not going to be something I'll love or hate, just dislike.

Any Fanfiction?

Close after the completion of the third season of Avatar I read on internet that many people were creating their own web shows fan fiction on Avatar and its continuation, any breakthroughs there? anything good? any preparations like concept art or anything, Avatar fans seem awfully quiet these days, let me know they are still alive!

The Avatar Panel

Stupid question really but since I did not go there I need to know, is there any good new news or is the show still the same as it was since last year? PLZ let me know ok?

Okay, everyone, this is not an anime, it is purely a cartoon TRYING to become better than it is.

Okay does anyone agree with me? I'm not saying that it was bad, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really Avatar cannot be called an anime! It is a cartoon modeled on the type of animation that anime usually invokes. It is attempting to be something that it is not! and I really cant believe that people would go as far as to give it the association with anime!

Similar anime?

Hey guys, I'm like totally down... I just stumbled upon Avatar when I was checking out animes here on sidereel, and it was really love at first sight, now ofc I've managed to watch it all. Is there any other anime out there thats kind of similar to Avatar, naruto or whatever, you know. Ninjastuff, magic, love (ohh I love cheesy stuff). I neeeeed more awesome shows!

create book 4 dude...

guys...guys... instead of moaning around bout the end of avatar... y don we juz create one ourselves... me n my fren hav already started it n we r alrdy at chapter 12 book 4... if u hav any great ideas... feel free to suggest... or u all might wanna kno whats my version of book 4....???

What's New?

Mike DiMartino and Brian Konietzco are working hard to come up with new ideas for Avatar. On many interviews given before the last Comic Con they said it. "We are working to expand the Avatar Universe." Many assume that they refer to new show or to the movie that's coming up. Frankly, I lean to think that it is a new show or new animated movies. "Expand"; that's what he said, and at Comic Con he said "The movie is going to be based on Book 1" so that is not expanding. I need some help. If anyone can help me research from the outside any kinda news I would really appreciate it! Thanks

Avatar is not ended. Read here.

Hi guys, We should write letters to Mike and Bryan as well as Paramount Pictures to make more Avatar anime series because they don't know how many fans want to watch it. Clearly Bryan and Mike are working for Paramount Pictures(PP) and PP want to make movies which will attract more paying audience i.e the adults. So if we want to get PP's attention we need to ask everyone to write to them as well as do rally/protest every where so the world knows how much we love avatar and we want more avatar anime. If any one has any addresses please let me know and I'll write to them.

to end...or not to end?

Avatar is perhaps one of nick's best shows. It was a show which can be liked by pretty much anyone. However, unlike most of nick's other show, avatar has actually ended. Most nick's show never end(i.e. fairly odd parents, drake and josh, etc.). Avatar actually had a long-going story which was beautifully conducted. But here is the problem as i see it: its too good. Nick is a channel designed for kids, but this show is designed for everyone. It doesn't follow nick's normal standard/style of shows. It is simply not designed for nick. I personally would like to see this show go on for ONE more season(any more and it would lose its awsomeness). Then, it could build side stories(adventures of airbenders?, past avatar shows, etc.). Any thoughts?