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There will be a(most likely horrible) live-action movie of Avatar. We all no it will suck really bad, but one question still remains. Which will be worse, The Avatar Movie, or the Dragonball Z live action movie?????? Who knows?


What happened to Zuko's mom where is she i was kinda confused bc zuko asked the firelord where she was an than it cut to in the tea shop

some questions ive been wondering...

i just have some questions ☺.... 1. what happenes to azula? 2. what happenes to the previous firelord? 3.why was azula so crazy in the last episode?? 4. I thought that aang couldnt go into the avatar state anymore? how is he able to?

final episodes...

I have to say I didn't like the ending, although I cant really tell why. It's great how they solved the Killing-Not Killin part, but the rest was kind of strange. I have the feeling nothings realy finished. What happened with Azula, she just went nuts? Where the hack is Zukos mother, is she really alive? And the kissing scene in the end was rather disappointing, didn't like the music at all, didn't suit the moment. Aan seemed so wise and all grown up, like he experienced something enlightening (which wasn't shown, not to this extend...) I'm rather disappointed, but maybe I just expected too much. This show was great and is one of my all time favorites, so they couldn't possibly make a finale suitable for it...

Its Really Over...

Happy and epic ending folks! Sozin's Comet really kicked butt with its killer ending! Hope that something will turn up in the future. This maybe also my final post so. HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!! FOR AVATAR. LOOKING FORWARD FOR UPCOMING STUFF FOR AVATAR.

new episodes

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone post the new episodes! Southern Raiders was supposed to be tonight (thursday) and i didn't get to see it. someone help me out!

lets fill in loose ends

lots of unanswered questions and the finale is comming up in a week are there more airbenders? zutara or kataang? will azula live? will anyone die? will M. night screw up the L.A.M. in 2010? lets discuss


i found out that avatar got cancelled on YTV for back-2-back episodes of naruto!!! so i think that means that they're not gonna air the remaining episodes..... i was so excited but now i think avatar is out of YTV for good! ='(


I am really hoping that the finale of Avatar will not have loop holes in it or things that there is not an answer too. Maybe that is why they are taking their time with this. They want to cover as much stuff as they can to finish strong. Weak ends leave many things to wish for and many times have the fans writing petitions and angry letters to everyone previously involved in the show. So for their best and my personal gain I hope that they write a great end!!!!

Book 4

Hey guys do u think there will be the 4th season??