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Blood bending...thats wicked...lol gross and cool at the same time. I wonder if Katara will ever use it again.

Is it Over for Avatar?

The 3 season has all been about waiting and I believe that sucks! Also it is going to be the last season. I know that rumosrs go on about the 4th season but I really don't think it is meant to be. What I do hear and that may be possible is another show that is avatar related. Same place, storyline, different point of view. But I guess that all good things must come to an end, no matter how huge it has gotten over the past few years. Good Luck Avatar on your season finale!!

how long will avatar be with us?

just wondering, i am a newcomer to the avatar scene, and i love the show and the complexity it brings to the standard anime style. obviously, book 3 - fire is going to have an exciting ending, because fire means summer, and the end of the book means the end of the summer, which means Sozin's Comet returns. my question is this: are there any plans for a fourth book or beyond? i haven't heard anything about the show going on to a fourth season after book 3 finally finishes over the summer. all i've heard is that m. night shyamalan is doing the movie. anyone have any news concerning the shows longevity? it would be a shame to end such a great show so early in its run. I would think that the writers would create a series that is balanced with 4 books, one for each season/element/bender. Since Aang is the last airbender, it would make sense if book 4 - Air is the last book in the series, if the series ends soon. thoughts?

the creator of avatar (joking, i could never be this creative)

I'll love this site as long as the next episodes are posted when they come out.

Next episode after 15

56 "The Southern Raiders" July, 2008 316 Hakoda tells Katara and Sokka about what happened to the Southern Water Tribe before they were born, and they learn more about their mother 57 "The Ember Island Players[6]" July 2008 317 The group attends a play, which serves as a parody and summary of the series to date. (Oficially, MAY 6th is the release date of the episodes 14, 15 on DVD, tv has them for july

Can someone just tell me sumthin?

I watched Avatar for a long time over the Internet and I just got cable and I have Nickleodeon so can someone tell me at what time is it and when please? Thnx alot pps :D


Avatar is going to be concluded ? This is the last Season !? Boiling Rock is the last episode !? WTF!? IM NOT FINISHED WITH AVATAR YET! ITS GETTING AWESOME! Any clues or info that is 100% true to calm me down, or at least satisfy my suspicion ?

im seriously missing

im seriously missing avatar wat am i suppose to do tv is no fun i cant do the repeats anymore plz comeback!!!!!!!!!!!11


I Love Avatar! I want a real appa!


Ytv next friday has not yet posted any new episode reviews for March 21, Nick has also not posted any new news nor has aired the THE WESTERN AIR TEMPLE. The GOOD news is that Nickelodeon already has the complete story of the Boiling Rock for it has posted a new avatar online game called the Boiling Rock. I haven't played the game but the mini-clip of the game shows zuko in a Fire Naiton Prison and the review says that the player must save Fire Nation prisoners. I expect this to be an attempt from part of the gang to save the enslaved warriors from the invasion. But rembember that episode 14 is The Boiling Rock Part: 1 so something might go wrong on the rescue... keep posting!