Review of Babylon 5

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Babylon 5 is an epic American science fiction television series created, produced, and largely written by J. Michael Straczynski. The show centers on the Babylon 5 space station, a focal point for politics, diplomacy, and wars. The series is noted for its heavy reliance on pre-planned story arcs over its five-year run, sometimes described as a "novel for television".
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by dru2u2
Feb 3, 2015 8:41PM EST

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A much grimmer look at interstellar relations than star trek, this show had a very political message running through it's five year run. JM Stackzinsky wove an enthralling narrative that would have gone strong through many more years and companion shows alas the fickle viewership of america seems determined to keep good sci-fi off our screens. With many plotlines left unresolved a future return to this universe would not only be possible but also welcomed and long overdue.


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