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  • 17 episodes
    17 episodes
    • s2009e1210How To Impress a Woman on a Date
    • s2009e1204How To Know If She Wants To Get Married
    • s2009e1202How To Spot a Player
    • s2009e724How To Pin the Tail on the Donkey
    • s2009e722How To Shop At IKEA
    • s2009e702How To Choose a New Car
    • s2009e615How To Clean Out Your Attic
    • s2009e608How To Find Cheap (or Free!) Places To Crash on Vacation
    • s2009e526How To Change the Hold Music on the Company Phone System
    • s2009e522How To Attend a Wedding Alone
    • s2009e511How To Survive a Bad Table At a Wedding
    • s2009e506How To Set Up an Artist
    • s2009e428How To Fly Stand-By
    • s2009e413How To Make a Haunted House
    • s2009e330How To Create A Wine Cellar In Your Home
    • s2009e324How To Prepare Healthy Meals In Your Dorm Room
    • s2009e106How To Pay Off Student Loans