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recommendations for another show

Does anyone have any recommendations for another show I can follow? Battlestar Galcatica is over. Caprica isn't out yet. Lost won't have a new episode for a while. And I need something to keep me entertained while waiting for new Dr. Who episodes. Based on what I have listed, are there any other good shows out there like these? I don't want to get into The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood mainly because they are spinoffs of Dr. Who and will leave me wanting. I want a completely different show. Thanks.

Discuss: The Most Disappointing Episodes Of The Greatest Shows - Featured

Yahoo's TV Blog has a fun post about the lone bad episodes of otherwise great TV shows - like Battlestar Galactica 's "Black Market" or Lost 's "Stranger in a Strange Land" (that one with Jack in Thailand...). Other shows covered include Gossip Girl , Chuck , House , 30 Rock , The West Wing , The Office , Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 , Friday Night Lights and The Sopranos . Check 'em out and see if you agree/disagree: The Most Disappointing Episodes Of The Greatest Shows Know of another great show that you think had a bad episode? Friends or Seinfeld, perhaps? Discuss in comments!

if only

in Vatican city a new pope is ordained,he is brought to the inner most vault. In side sits a strange metal thing with a red glow in the centre of its head, in its hand is the book of pihea and the story of cobal and the 12 tribes of man and of how they came to be 150,000 years ago.It tell him the story of the cylons and of man, and of the cylon called Jesus who spread the news of the one true god. now that would be an ending to battelstar !!!

found a problem

Ive started watching BSG again. knowing how it ends ive found a few problems. SEASON 2 episode 7 home part 2. There on Cobol, in the tome looking at the 12 constellations as seen from earth.where the 13th tribe went(the cylons) but the first earth was destroyed and the 2nd earth (our earth) were a million light years apart so the view would be completely different right? and the 13th tribe went to the first earth so if there standing on the earth that the 13th tribe went to they cant be standing on our earth because the cylons never went there and it was only discovered when starbuck entered the notes of that song into the jump computer. dos not make any seance? also there were thousands of people still alive on the 12 worlds after the attacks as we know from episode called the farm. what happened to them? and the gods in the same episode home part 2 adama said that zuse told the leaders of the 12 tribes to go to the tombe who or what was zuse? where did they go (the gods) i mean i think there would be a very good story to be told. 1 last thing if the people who survived the attacks were still alive when the cylons left then they would still be there right? but after 150,000 years what would become of them? just a few things i thought i ask.

What are your Favorite BSG Quotes?

Im sitting here still sad over the loss of what I feel was the best written show on television ever. Im sure most of you have your favorite quotes of the series. Among my personal favorites were what happened before will happen again and "frak" of course but I most recently loved the recent recurring exchange between Starbuck and the Old Man: Bill Adama: What do ya hear, Starbuck? Starbuck: Nothing but the rain. Bill Adama: Grab your gun and bring in the cat. It sums up her entire role to the fleet throughout the series. She was the person they would always turn to whenever they were in a pinch or needed a Hail Mary (ie the Arrow of Apollo back on Caprica, finding the colonial beacon, the final jump home). It is needless to say that she is my favorite character, truly dynamic, she has changed the most throughout the series but still kept that one same constant. Katee Sackhoff played her beautifully and her range of emotions especially when Starbuck was losing it was amazing. What were all of your favorites quotes and why?

Discuss: Shows that Never Jumped the Shark - Featured

For a flip-side on all of our discussions this week about shows that turned bad...lets talk about the few distinguished programs that managed to never turn to crap throughout their entire duration. This of course means that only shows that have concluded are eligible. We know you all love Mad Men , but that show could turn into a hot mess 3 seasons down the line (unlikely, but you get my point). I've tagged this discussion to a few shows that I believe never went wrong. Hey look - 3 of them aired on HBO ! Sex and the City , Six Feet Under and The Sopranos (in my opinion), all stayed good throughout. So did the just-concluded Battlestar Galactica . Which shows do you think never jumped the shark? Some other possible shows: Arrested Development, The Wire (more HBO), Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, Angel, The Shield

could be better

ok so the end of BSG was 150,000 years ago the thing that really annoys me is that the people who came to earth left no trace. No one knows where they came from, the history, the technology.It would have been better for them to have 2 groups those that wanted to stay and turn there backs on technology and those that didn't. The second group could have went to Mars maybe? i donno but i cant see all that achievement just being lost and besides if they wanted to brake the cycle they could just have made it law that there would just be no AI built. and the second group could have watched over us?

Amazing Battlestar inspired film teaser

I came across this yesterday. Have you guys ever heard of the psychological thriller film The Artifice? A teaser of the film was just released and the style, intensity, and music reminded me loads of battlestar. Check it yourselves: I love they way in which the have created intensity, slow movements and more importantly, the adaption of multicultural music. Bear, music composer of Battlestar has always done this perfectly. I would say that the music itself was the highlight of the series.

The Most Annoying Character Ever!

Here we go :D Who annoys YOU? :) Which character makes you tremble with anger? These are my picks - the people that annoy me :), feel free to post someone I did not so I can add them! Annie from 90210 Tom Zarek from Battlestar Galactica Howard from The Big Bang Theory Lester from Chuck Roman from Big Love Debra from Dexter Mohinder from Heroes Peyton from One Tree Hill Vanessa from Gossip Girl Cook from Skins Dawn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer Riley from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Alternate endings to BSG

There has been a lot of ink spilled by a lot of people relating their dissatisfaction with the BSG finale. It's probably true that no matter how you did it, there would be some people who would be dissatisfied, but nonetheless it seems like the episode didn't hit the sweet spot for many fans. My man Leonard Richardson, though, has taken things one step further and, after analyzing the reasons for his discomfiture, has proposed an alternate ending which he finds more pleasing. I think everyone who was unhappy with the finale should do this. Then we can compare notes. Check it out at News You Can Bruise: