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Who is n 12???

Let's get out our checklist for the Jan. 16 premiere of the last season of Battlestar Galactica : Raptor, check. Flight suit, check. Beige eye-patch, check. The final Cylon... We have no frakkin' idea! Who do you think is the last puzzle piece to complete the final five? We know Ron Moore has said that the final Cylon is not a one of the main characters (but who knows if that's true), so who could it be? And, why didn't the 12th Cylon come when the signal sounded? Does that mean the final Cylon was not on the ship when the signal alerted Tigh, Tori, Anders and Tyrol? Could No. 12 be someone we've never met, or thought was dead (Zach Adama, Ellen Tigh)? Or, could it be someone who has recently come to the forefront of BSG storytelling (Gaeta, Hoshi)? What Do you think about this ones for posible n 12??? Baltar (James Callis): Because he sees visions of Cylons. Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff): Because she blew up, but then reappeared alive two months later. Apollo (Jamie Bamber): Because that would be seriously frakked up. For a Review of the eleven known cylons Check here Source here

Final Cylon Speculation

Okay BSG fans, with less than one month away from the return of the Human/Cylon contingent in the Final Episodes, I thought it might be fun to delve back into who might be the 5th Cylon. After spending a ridiculous amount of time combing the internet, I found this lone video on youtube and thought to myself, that's frak'in crazy! If you've watched the clues at youknowthetruth.com , the 9th clue shows Admiral Adama visiting "Cylon" in the brig. Could the 5th Cylon be Romo Lampkin? Romo did get Baltar off so that he could start a fanatic religious cult. Monotheists! BUT, if you watch clue 4, the press is asking Lee Adama who the 5th Cylon is, and it looks like he mouths Gaius Baltar (mouthed because the sound has been cut out, by the gods!) I don't know that these clues pull me away from my hope that Felix Gaeta is the final Cylon, but they certainly are puzzling clues to say the least. Not to mention the Webisodes revolve around Gaeta and 8's. What are your thoughts?

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The Final Cylon?

I thought this was pretty funny. BTW I'm undecided in the election so this is is no way a slam, just made me laugh out loud.

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Caprica and Battlestar Galactica

Set seventy years prior to the events of Battlestar Galactica (2003), this prequel will explore the lives of two families: the Graystones - include father Daniel, a computer genius, mother Amanda, a brilliant surgeon and their daughter, Zoe - and the Adamas. The two families are on opposing sides of the decision to create the Cylons: intelligent robots that will one day rebel and nearly annihilate the residents of Caprica. Touted as "television's first science fiction family saga," Caprica is from Battlestar Galactica (2003) executive producers, Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. The show is produced by NBC Universal Television. Information gathered from, TV.com

What Now?

That's wat i was left wondering at the end of this (to me) most stellar finale.Now that they've found earth(and like other fans i hope this really isn't a dream because i would love to see 'where they go from here'...and btw i thought as a funny bruhaha in the back of my mind that song(Where do we go from here..was that a buffy song?) would have been perfect for the background music...maybe not..lol! Was all the fighting, betrayal, visions etc for nothing? And who the frac is the fifth? Someone had an interesting idea that maybe Starbuck is the product of the original Starbuck's 'get together' with some being...i would love to see sumin like that next season as well. I gotta admit that i thought these writers would do sumin like this to me.They wouldn't call em cliff-hangers for nothing right. So lets see, what do you you think will happen next season? *Will Starbuck be the death of her 'people' *Diana says the final 4 was on galactica..therefore the 5th must have been on board the cylon ship at the time? What do you think BSG writers have in store for us next season?

intensely satisfying

thank the gods! i have just watched the pt2, and just have to say that this was the most fantastic, awe-inspiring and satisfying episode of the absolute best show on tv. so exciting, so climactic. this is storytelling at its most ingenious. thankyou battlestar galactica,

Episode 10 "REVELATIONS"

I don't know about anyone else, but I think that this has to be The absolute best episode ever. The personal side shown by Admiral Adama and Tigh was damn near tear jerking. More of an insight to the love they have for each other as friends than has been shown before. Lee stepping up to the plate and being a "Man" and not his "snot nosed brat". D'Anna and Tori showing just how selfish and psycho they are and how selfless the other three are. Kara had the look of love for Sam all over again since he is again, the unreachable toy like he was when on Caprica. Last but not least, finding a waste land Earth, complete with a destroyed Opera House. Still no fifth of the final 5, but we know it's not someone D'Anna saw during her time on Galactica or on New Caprica. Doesn't mean to say we haven't seen them. Can't wait to hear what all Tigh, Tyrol, Sam, and Tori have to saw about Earth since they have supposedly been there before. Is it 2009 yet?!

The 6 In Baltar's Mind is MIA!

Where has the 6 gone to that spent the first 3 seasons in Baltar's mind? It struck me this week as I watched him laying on the bed, bleeding out, that we haven't seen her since he gave that speech about someone in the universe loving him and that we are all perfect. Coming to him as he lay dying on the bed seemed the perfect opportunity to see her. The last time I can recall seeing 6, she was applauding him and standing right next to Tori after his inspired speech. In the previous scene, if you recall the army studs were beating on him and the 6 seemed to pick him up like he was floating in the air. Where is she? I miss their banter, the mind games she played on him, and the support and encouragement she provided.