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I was no fan of the original BS series - I know, I'm sorry all you purists, but I didn't like it - and I was reluctant to give a re-imaged series a try. But I am so glad I did - this is one of the very best sci fi series ever created, and being a bit of a sci fi nut, I have given most of them a go! The characterization is strong and brilliantly done, the robots are lethally excellent and the "baddie" cylons, delightfully complex, rounded villains. The actors seem to have real investment in their roles and it makes a difference. Special effects are well up to speed and storylines are strong and challenging. I look forward to the new series beginning , but a word of warning. Can we please have a proper ending and not wait for a ratings fall to call a premature halt? I think I speak for fans of all series when I say we'd rather have 3 or 4 good seasons and a definite ending, to being left with a dingly dangly cliffhanger that due to a series cancellation will never be satisfied?

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BSGlover, The only episode that I recall that showed the ships getting destroyed was the Razor episode. It had all of them docked, and the Cylons began attacking them with nukes and raiders. The first few episodes of Season One are low on the side of action, and nothing I remember seeing fits what you described.

Remarkable series

Not being a cable subscriber, this is the first time I have been exposed to this series. It is remarkable -- WOW! There have been very few drama series in my lifetime that have combined the adventure and the emotion that this series does. I seem to be brought to tears in almost every episode. You really do feel for these characters, as complicated as their relationships and even self-understanding has become.