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Beyond Star on That Season Premiere Surprise: 'My Heart Skipped a Beat'

If you thoughtyouwere taken aback by Charlies little reveal on Thursdays season premiere ofBeyond, just imagine how star Burkely Duffield felt reading that scene for the first time. My heart skipped a beat, Duffield tells TVLine, recalling the moment he read that Holdens estranged lady friend might be pregnant with his child. There were no []

'Beyond' Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Holden Find the Ocean of Light?

Like the entire first season, the finale of Beyond is a mixture of potential and infuriating mystery. Holden, Willa and Frost spend a lot of time in the Realm to find the Ocean of Light, but the resolution raises more questions than it answers. New mysterious creatures are introduced without explanation and the Realm itself may be destroyed. It's hard to tell because we've spent so little time there. ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: Does Holden Agree to Frost's Demands?

It took until the end of season 1, but Beyond finally makes sense. In the first season's penultimate episode Holden finally meets Frost, who explains exactly what he wants and why he needs Holden to do it. Also, Willa, Jeff and Luke all team up and join the action at Hollow Sky, bringing everything together.   ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: When Holden Met Arthur in the Realm

With only three episodes left in the first season of Beyond , the show still doesn't make much sense. The Realm is intriguing, but its purpose and why Holden is so important to it are still huge mysteries. In this episode we see flashbacks to the time Holden met Arthur in the Realm, but that offers very few answers. ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: Yellow Jacket Tries to Get Holden Again

Holden takes yet another vacation from his life this week on Beyond , this time with Charlie. That's a good choice as she seems to be a positive influence on him, especially when it comes to losing his virginity. ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: The Truth About Willa

As Beyond enters the second half of season 1, the show is finally starting to take focus. It took a long time to get here, but major mysteries are finally resolved as we learn the truth about Arthur, Frost and the origins of the Realm. Even better, Charlie the other Realmer introduced last week, shows up in a major way. That's good because she is, by far, the most interesting character on this show. ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: A New Realmer Emerges

Holden Matthews isn't the only person who spent comatose youngster who spent time in the Realm on Beyond . The fifth episode feels a lot like a fresh start for the series. A major new character is introduced, we learn a whole lot about Hollow Sky and the origins of the mysterious Frost and Holden suddenly regains all of his Realm memories. A better TV show would've found a way to fit everything from these first five episodes into the pilot, because this is where Beyond should've started.   ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: Holden Confronts Yellow Jacket

The mystery of Beyond unfolds very slowly, with little pieces in each episode. In the fourth installment, we finally find out a bit more about the organization Yellow Jacket works for thanks to the arrival of Kevin's brother and his endless supply of expository information. Unfortunately for Jeff and Holden, this episode also comes at a high cost with a major casualty. ...Read More... //

'Beyond' Recap: Holden Travels Back to the Realm

The two-hour premiere of Beyond raised a lot of questions about Holden Matthews, the boy who woke up from a coma after 12 years with telekinetic abilities. In the third episode, "Tied That Bind," we finally get some answers about where Holden's mind has been for the past 12 years and why Willa is so determined to help him get back. ...Read More... //

BeyondIs the Perfect Scifi Show to Have on While Cleaning Your Home

Freeform (ne ABC Family) has invested a fair amount of time and money into Beyond , which premiered on TV last night and whose whole first season is already available online. So should you go run out and binge it? Not really. But if youve exhausted all the other shows you want to watch and you need something as ...Read More... //