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Big Love Season 4 Finale

All I have to is: WOW! that was an incredible season finale. I cannot believe Bill was able to stand up there and say it, saying that takes guts is an understatement. For a second I thought he wouldn't go through with it, but wow did he leave me with my mouth opened. Season 5 will be something else. Share your thoughts.


Does ANYONE know what song was playing during the end credits?! Please oh please help me out!!!

The Most Annoying Character Ever!

Here we go :D Who annoys YOU? :) Which character makes you tremble with anger? These are my picks - the people that annoy me :), feel free to post someone I did not so I can add them! Annie from 90210 Tom Zarek from Battlestar Galactica Howard from The Big Bang Theory Lester from Chuck Roman from Big Love Debra from Dexter Mohinder from Heroes Peyton from One Tree Hill Vanessa from Gossip Girl Cook from Skins Dawn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer Riley from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

A little dissapointed.

I'm a little disappointed. The site said we can watch the shows. OK, so how do we watch the tv show?


After disliking her for the first and second season, after watching this season nicki has become my favourite character...anyone else agree?

Can anyone post the new Big Love?


TV Wishes: Grey's, Lost, HIMYM and more!

My TV wishes this week: 1. End Dancing With The Stars already - Oh wait, they did that one already. Yay! Now all is needed is to end the show permanently.... 2. Skip To January - I can't possibly wait one whole month for Damages, Big Love, Scrubs and Lost. I may be able to wait for Big Love, though. 3. Where's George? - He seems to be missing from everything in Grey's even after becoming a resident. He is one, right? Even Lexi and the interns have........ Continue Reading!

epi 10

thanks! I hadn't seen where part 2 was. Now we just need to remaining episodes for season 2...

Season 2 Eps 11 & 12?

Does anyone have working links for episodes 11 and 12? The two I found didn't work. Wah! Much appreciated! :-*